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Diana Ornelas and Dennis Novoa Wiki – Diana Ornelas and Dennis Novoa Biography

Diana Ornelas and Dennis Novoa the suspects – Two people were arrested on Wednesday in connection with the shooting murder of a man whose body was discovered along Highway 9 in the Santa Cruz Mountains earlier this month.

Diana Ornelas, 22, was arrested for the murder of Oliver Waterfall, 24, on Wednesday at 3 p.m. and appeared in court on Friday. She was charged with murder in the first degree.

Dennis Novoa, 27, was also detained on the same day and accused of murder in relation to Waterfall’s death.

For nearly two months after the purported murder, Ornelas continued to educate the children. Waterfall’s bones were discovered in April along a hillside in California, according to Sheriff’s deputies, but he was killed a month earlier. She worked as a teacher at the Stanford Community Children’s Centre, which provides daycare for Stanford University students, employees, and faculty children ages 8 weeks to 5 years old.

Deputies with the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office stated that both Ornelas and Novoa knew Waterfall and that the motive for his death was ‘personal,’ but did not elaborate on their alleged participation. Waterfall highlighted Novoa in a Facebook post of a blossoming cannabis plant in February. Shoutout to Dennis Novoa for showing me how to grow,’ Waterfall added. Other photographs on his page show psychedelic paraphernalia, bundles of cash, and a firearm. Waterfall had been dead for about a month, according to Sheriff’s officials, until his body was discovered ‘down a slope of Highway 9’.

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Diana Ornelas, 22, and Dennis Novoa 27 years old.

Two people have been detained in connection with the shooting death of a man discovered near Highway 9 in Santa Cruz County

The arrest occurred during naptime and outside of the CCSC campus,’ the school wrote in a note telling parents about the arrest, which The Stanford Daily acquired. Children were not present at the time of the incident, and it did not affect operations,’ it added.’This news has astonished and upset us all because CCSC is a location and community that means so much to all of us.’ According to a spokeswoman, the “event that led to the arrest had no connection to the campus community.

” According to Santa Cruz jail inmate records, Ornelas was booked into jail on one count of first-degree murder without bail. Novoa was arrested and charged with first-degree murder; his bail was set at $1 million. According to Santa Cruz jail records, the pair is scheduled to be arraigned on May 17.

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