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Derlin Javier Mercado Martínez was one of the six men arrested for the fatal shooting of little Gioser Luís Feliz, who was on vacation with his father when the two were allegedly attacked by an old family friend, Tomás Peña Morel, 32, and their crew.

The father of one of the six men arrested in the shooting death of a 9-year-old boy from the Bronx murdered in the Dominican Republic said his son knew the victim’s family and was “easily manipulated” by the ringleader of the robbery failed. Martínez’s father, Don Fausto, told Listín Diario that his son also knew the victim’s father, Sergio Luis Feliz Mancebo when he tried his luck in the United States working as a delivery boy in the Bronx.

Fausto said that after his son’s American dream failed, he returned to the Dominican Republic and got caught up in the wrong crowd. Fausto, who condemned the alleged participation of his son in the botched robbery and fatal shooting, said that Martínez “came to do this nonsense” because he “is a weak-minded person.”

Derlin Javier Mercado Martínez Age

Derlin Javier Mercado Martínez is 24 years old.

Accused of Killing Bronx Boy in Dominican Republic

These are the mistakes of young people who want to take things the easy way, said the disappointed father. Fausto said his son, once a happy-go-lucky young man, took a tour of Mexico last year instead of working with him in a truck delivery business.

In January, Martinez raised more than $8,200 to move to the Bronx, where he bought a scooter to work as a delivery boy, Fausto said. There he met Mancebo, the boy’s father. Martinez, however, quickly became disillusioned and “didn’t feel right” living in the United States and away from his wife, prompting him to move home.

“He liked to work, but he got out of control because of his friends,” Fausto said, referring to the other men arrested in the shooting. Along with Martínez and Morel, the police arrested Luis Ángel Vargas Brito, Cesar Junior Ulloa Cuevas, José Manuel Almonte Santana, and Elian Martínez Sánchez.

Police said Morel, a friend of Mancebo’s, was known to the family and had knowledge of his route and travel itinerary. He is accused of masterminding the attack. Mancebo and his son had just flown out of John F. Kennedy International Airport and were on their way to a relative’s house when the violence broke out, reported Univision.

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Robbers knew that his family would be the ideal victims, The father told

The father told reporters that the robbers knew that his family would be the ideal victims. “It was an attempt to steal my belongings without me knowing who it was because it was my first time coming to Santiago,” he said.

The grieving father recently posted a series of father and son photos on his Instagram, including one with a broken heart emoji and another with the boy carrying a backpack. “I love you baby only God knows my pain. I don’t want to come home and walk into your room. My God, I’m going to die,” read a heartbreaking entry on Saturday.

In another, the father wrote: “My heart is dead my love” and “You were always the reason for my life. I love you my love my life”. On Saturday, across the street from where the boy lived in the Bronx, a makeshift memorial was set up, with photos of Gioser, as well as flowers, candles, balloons, and a piece of a foosball table.

“That baby likes table football,” recalled Aristid Palanco, 37, who said he is Gioser’s cousin. The boy lived part-time with his mother in Connecticut and part-time with his father in the Bronx, the cousin said, adding that Morel lives in the same building as the boy’s father.

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