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Delaney Krings, the terminally ill five-year-old whose courageous battle against brain cancer touched thousands around the world, tragically died just weeks after a grand parade was organized to celebrate her last birthday. Delaney Krings was reportedly diagnosed with brain cancer on October 31 and given six to eight weeks to live.

Delaney’s mother, Heather Krings, 43, revealed on Saturday, January 28, that she had passed away. “Our sweet baby angel gained her wings from her, Delaney Judith Krings. 12/16/2017-1/28/2023. Fly high, my sweet baby.” Heather wrote on CaringBridge, where she has posted updates on her daughter’s fight with cancer since October 26. She also posted a photo of Delaney smiling as she climbed a tree.


Delaney Krings was 5 years old.

Delaney, 5 years old Died Of Terminal Brain Cancer

Speaking about her sad death, Heather told Today that the best way to remember Delaney was to be kind. “Do a little kindness on her behalf,” Krings said. The mother of three went on to say that the outpouring of love the family has received is a reflection of the love Delaney left behind. “Please know in your heart that he is now sharing a little of his love with you as well, in the hope that it will help you find light when it is dark and find love when you are sad,” Krings added.

Delaney was just four years old when she was diagnosed with a large and aggressive brain tumor. Her illness reportedly started with just an ear infection, which wouldn’t go away. Her parents soon took her to a pediatrician, who ran a few CT scans before revealing that she had a tumor on both sides of her brain, the Daily Mail reported. After leaving Delaney’s diagnosis, her parents decided to celebrate her life on her fifth and final birthday. last December 16.

Thousands of people around the world responded to Delaney’s heartbreaking story last year and decided to come together to organize a huge parade for her birthday. Featuring Olaf, Elsa and Mickey Mouse, among others, the parade was the best little Krings gift her family could ask for. “He’s amazing, and there are so many great people who do so much for us. You’re so happy to see him, but you wish he wasn’t your son,” said Jacob, Krings’ father.

Before this special parade, a special card drive was also organized to celebrate Krings’ last birthday. In an earlier interview, Heather revealed that the family had already received “hundreds and hundreds” of letters, all dedicated to the five-year-old. She added that in addition to the cards, Krings also received packages from Amazon and homemade items such as blankets, bracelets and decorations.

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