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De Angelo Manning was found dead in a clearing about a half mile from a home on Winkler Road in Claiborne. The Sheriff’s Office was notified that Manning and a 4-year-old child were missing and left the property shortly after 10 a.m. of Monday. Shortly after, officers found the 4-year-old boy wandering about a half-mile from the residence. The boy was treated by emergency medical crews and it was found that he was not injured except for minor scratches. Deputies, state troopers, canine officers, volunteer firefighters and private citizens continued the search for the child. Shortly after noon, Manning was found dead in an area where timber had recently been cut down. Sheriff Sam Dowies said the apparent cause of death appeared to have been the result of an animal attack. The Claiborne Parish coroner ordered that De Angelo’s body be sent for an autopsy. It is still unclear what animal attacked the boy, and officials are still investigating his death. The boy’s mother, Angélica Márquez, said in a post: “I found out she was pregnant with you on my birthday and it was a big surprise to me.”

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De Angelo Manning was 17 months old.


I was happy, so happy to have you, your brothers loved you very much and you are still my baby. ‘You always smiled, you would make people smile, you were amazing, trust me, you were my Snoopy, my best friend. ‘I remember the day your dad and I chose your name while you were in my womb. ‘I remember you helped me through so many difficult times that you don’t know how much I regret not being there. ‘I’m trying to stay calm for your brothers, I hate so much that you didn’t meet your brother, that I didn’t hug you for the last time, kiss you and tell you I love you because I love you son, I’m so hurt and so angry. “I just don’t know how to get over this baby. I’m so sorry.” After the young man’s death, his relative Evelyn Ayala started a fundraiser for his family. With a goal of $10,000 to help with funeral costs, the family has already raised $1,800. Sharing the fundraiser, Ayala said: ‘My family is going through a very difficult time right now. ‘Angelo Manning, son of my cousin Angélica Márquez, had a fatal accident in which she lost her life. ‘We are asking for help to cover her funeral expenses. At the moment he is not receiving calls and we would appreciate it if he could understand the situation that has occurred.’

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