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David Quigley, 69, died weeks later after the 15-year-old ‘rogue teen’ allegedly attacked him with his own cane. The pensioner had confronted the teenager, now 16, after finding him in his garden shed in Birkenhead, Merseyside. The teenager, whose name cannot be identified for legal reasons, admitted to unintentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm but walked free from Liverpool Juvenile Court. after receiving a referral order for 12-month-olds. Mr Quigley’s brother, Thomas, was barred from court after magistrates ruled that his presence would ‘put the defendant under undue stress’ and that his ‘well-being would be paramount’. Thomas told MailOnline: to get in, I was told the defense had objected not to let me in as it would upset the boy. It’s a crazy decision, he’s an affront to justice. Fighting back tears, he said: “I was hoping to go in and I was surprised when they didn’t let me in because I might disturb the boy.” “I don’t think justice has been done.

I am very upset. The court heard that Mr Quigley had been inside his Wirral home when he “heard a noise in his back garden” and went to investigate. Mr. Quigley, who used a cane to “assist with his mobility,” found the teen on the roof of his shed. Prosecutor Nick Cockrell said the boy had been “drinking and making a nuisance” earlier in the evening and had been “jumping from yard to yard” in the area. He jumped out of the shed after being ‘challenged’ by the owner of the house, who asked him: ‘Who the hell are you?’ Mr. Quigley received no response, whereupon he “hit him” and then “attempted to retreat to the safety of his house”, leaving his cane behind. The court heard that the teenager followed him and there was a “physical altercation between the two” through the back door and the retiree was left unconscious on the floor.

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David Quigley was 69 years old.

Boy, 16, sentenced for attack on Wirral man who later died

The neighbor next door to him had been alerted with ‘thumping and screaming’ and saw the boy. Holding part of the broken cane, the court heard. He said he could smell alcohol on the teenager, who told him: ‘Do you know what he’s been doing? He has been abusing me. But Mr Cockrell said of this: “That was clearly a blatant lie.” Quigley died three weeks after the assault in October of last year and the teen was originally charged with murder. The teenager served 123 days in remand custody in a secure unit in Salford, Gtr Manchester, while awaiting trial on a murder charge, followed by 140 days in an electronically monitored curfew after being released on bail. The murder charge was later dropped. Wearing a navy blue suit, he was allowed to sit in the court body next to his mother today instead of sitting on the bench.

A statement was read in court on behalf of Thomas Quigley after the decision to bar him in court. He would say: ‘Your attack on my brother changed many lives forever. After having denied the assault for almost eight months, he finally admitted it. I would like to think that it is because you have found your conscience, but I would be naive to believe it. “My older brother was adorable, kind and loving, a character, a gentleman and one of a kind. David’s philosophy was that if you had enough for yourself, you shared your good fortune with others; he always told me that he had a lot to be thankful for. ‘No punishment that can be meted out can undo what happened to my brother.’ He added: ‘I want you to meet my brother and who he was and the terrible pain you have caused so many by what you did that night. I will remember it as the worst episode of my life, and if you have a conscience, you will too.

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