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David DePape, accused of attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer sexually abused his sons and stepdaughter as children, one of the alleged victims claimed in online posts.

David DePape entered Pelosi’s home in San Francisco on Friday morning, Paul Pelosi contacted the police without notifying his attacker. according to wiki-bio,

David DePape was part of the Berkeley art group about 10 years ago, but in recent months he’s put a radical spin on conspiracy theories.

The man who allegedly attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband early Friday morning was part of the Berkeley arts community about 10 years ago and used to sell hemp bracelets online. But in recent months, he’s put a radical spin on conspiracy theories.

David DePape Age

David DePape is 42 years old.

David DePape – A “Monster” who sexually abused his children- claims his stepdaughter

David DePape, 42, was “consumed by darkness,” accused Inti González on Facebook and in a blog post.

DePape allegedly broke into the San Francisco home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi early Friday and attacked her 82-year-old husband with a hammer as she ranted, “Where’s Nancy?”

“This attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband was a shock to me, though not much considering the kind of extreme abuse he had inflicted on me and my siblings,” Gonzalez, in his 20s, wrote.

Gonzalez described DePape as someone who “genuinely tried to be a good person,” but she added that “the monster in him was always too strong to be sure.”

She said her mother met DePape, whom she describes as her “father to her,” in Maui while she was pregnant with her. The couple moved to the Bay Area shortly after Gonzalez’s birth.

They separated in 2014, when González was 13 years old. Gonzalez said her mother “kicked David out because of his toxic behavior.”

Six months later, González’s brother, Nebosvod, began to recall that their father “physically and sexually abused me and my siblings, which began when we were very young and continued until around 2008, when [González] was 7 years old. ”, he recalled.

Although his mother filed a police report accusing DePape of abuse, “the case was not handled properly, so nothing was done about it,” Gonzalez wrote.

She claimed that she and her younger brother Daniel also “began to have flashbacks of her being abused.”

Despite her troubled past, Gonzalez said she still loves DePape, calling him a “quiet” man who “was never violent, yelled or even cursed.”

He also alleged that DePape’s single mother “was a person who would almost beat him to death.”

“He barely spoke about himself or his past, but it was obvious he grew up in hell and we didn’t know the worst,” he wrote.

Gonzalez said DePape used to take her and her siblings to beaches and parks when they were young and once said at a park that he was sorry “for everything I’ve done.”

She said that she hasn’t seen DePape since she was 13, but she contacted him about 4 months ago. She said the conversation ended when he refused to admit to the abuse.

DePape’s name is linked to two conspiracy blogs. One, titled “Big Brother Censorship Hell,” features a banner warning readers that “the elites/ruling classes never censor themselves. You can still turn on any major news channel to hear day and night the narrative put forth by the people who rule over you.”

The second blog, frenlyfrens.com, hosts more detailed posts in categories like “Climate Hysteria” and “Corruption.” Several of the posts espouse anti-Semitic conspiracies, including one that reads “Isn’t your [sic] a trope about Jews ABUSING the courts to rip people off.”

“I didn’t agree with all of his views, I was glad to see that he had strong views on the issues facing our world today,” Gonzalez said.

A spokesman for Nancy Pelosi said her husband was expected to recover.

Depape was to be charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, robbery and “several other additional felonies,” police said.

Nancy Pelosi, also 82, was in Washington in her protective gear at the time of the attack, US Capitol Police confirmed in a statement. The agency is assisting the San Francisco police with the investigation, as is the FBI.

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