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David Darling lived with his wife Jess Thorne and their five children aged 10, five, four, two and 16 months in the Western Australian mining town of Boddington, 170 kilometers southeast of Perth. After what a coroner ruled to be a “massive heart attack”, Mr Darling collapsed into a lotus position while taking a shower on the morning of July 28. Thorne said the couple had gone to their GP for a check-up just three days earlier and there were no signs that anything was amiss. “He was exactly the same as always, he was laughing and joking and he was full of life,” he told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday. ‘Nothing was different, there were no signs of it just happening. ‘How the hell can this happen to someone who was doing everything right?’ On the day of his death, Mr. Darling did not plan to do more than go to the supermarket and other “normal things”. However, that morning, Thorne, 39, was awakened by “a horrible noise” that she described as “almost crying and gurgling at the same time.” “I shot myself in bed,” Thorne said. “I looked and it was gone.”

Mrs. Thorne heard the water running in the shower, but there was no answer when she knocked on the locked door, causing her to start yelling for Mr. Darling. Increasingly frantic, Thorne was able to force open the bathroom door with a butter knife. “When I looked down, he was staring at me,” Thorne said. Mr. Darling was sitting cross-legged on the shower floor. Unfortunately, her three eldest children were also watching what was happening until she managed to lead them into the living room away from the traumatic vision. Ms Thorne desperately performed CPR on Mr Darling and paramedics took over 35 minutes later, but all efforts to revive him were futile. Thorne said Mr Darling’s only health problem was type 2 diabetes, but that she was “managing it exceptionally well”. “We ate everything healthy to make sure the kids had really good role models,” she said. She said that she was in very good shape. “He was very interested in his martial arts, he always practiced with the kids and how our TV got smashed,” she said.

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David Darling was 48 years old.


Thorne said the family was still very shaken. ‘They were broken. We are devastated,” said Mrs Thorne. ‘The children understand that dad won’t come back. ‘My little girl, after what happened, she looked at the toys that she and her father played with and she no longer touches them. “It’s very difficult to convince my children to get out of the car and go into the house.” Thorne and Darling met when he was a police officer working in the Northern Territory in May 2010. They have been engaged since the day of the Melbourne Cup that same year and would marry in December. “We loved to fish and travel exploring new places all the time,” Mrs. Thorne said. ‘From Darwin, we moved to Broome and then we went to Queensland and back to the Pilbara and then we went to Perth and finally Boddington. “We were looking forward to adding to the house.” We had a piece of heaven that we wanted to make our own. Creating something that was ours.’ To help pay for Mr. Darling’s funeral on September 5 and other expenses, Mrs. Thorne has started a GoFundMe page.

“As David was our main support while I was at home raising our young children, his sudden passing has not only left a giant hole in each and every one of our hearts,” she wrote. “But it also comes with the unfortunate reality of having to finance a funeral on short notice, in addition to our normal daily needs.” As of Tuesday night, the Page had raised just over $2,000 of its $8,500 goal. “My David was a family man, a hard-working provider, and a friend to do many things,” Thoren wrote. ‘He was always looking out for anyone in need and helping in any way humanly possible, that’s what he was! So now I sit here for the first time in my life asking for help.’ Thorne said that once he regains his footing after Mr. Darling’s funeral, he will try to get a job at the mine. Until then, every day still brings painful reminders of losing him, even something as common as a set of kettlebells. “We do weight training six, sometimes seven days a week,” she says. “We fell in love and it was our passion, which is very difficult because every day I walk into the bedroom and they’re all lined up where we end up with them.”

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