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Darren Coathup Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Arrested, Investigation Report

Darren Coathup Wiki – Bio

Darren Coathup, a married police officer who had an affair with one woman and became involved in a sexting relationship with another after being assigned to investigate their abusive boyfriends has been jailed for two years.

PC Darren Coathup had sex with one of the women twice after promising to “protect” her from her ex in a series of sexually charged text messages that read: “I’d stay and camp outside yours if they let me.”

Darren Coathup Age

Darren Coathup is 39 years old.

Police officer arrested for taking sexual advantage of vulnerable women

In sexual messages to the other woman, the father of one said: ‘Don’t hit a copper until you’ve tried one!’ before flirting with her in person saying, “I wish I could handcuff you, the things I would do to you.” Lancashire Police arrested Coathup, from Chorley, after both women, named only as Miss X and Miss Y, made statements about their experiences with the officer.

The officer was also known to have misogynistic views about women in general, claiming they were “moths” who made themselves “sexually available” to police officers. Coathup admitted to misconduct in public office between July 2020 and August 2021 at Manchester Crown Court.

His wife was in the courtroom to hear the intimate details of his betrayal. He now faces being fired after 19 years on the force. The court heard that Blackburn-based Coathup met Miss Y in June 2020 after he answered her 999 call that she made alleging that her ex-partner had assaulted her.

Miss Harriet Lavin, the defendant, said: “The defendant [Coathup] said that her ex-partner was “nothing special” and that she should “get on a dating website” and that she would have no problem “getting someone new.” S was flattered by his comments.

Coathup did not initially attempt to contact Miss Y, but began texting her the following September when she registered a different complaint saying her ex had been posting semi-nude photos of her on a pornographic website.

Miss Lavin added: “When she told him, he replied: ‘That all sounds very hectic! I bet that profile was popular before they shut it down! When did this all start?” The defendant continued his inappropriate behavior, making comments like he was glad she wasn’t still with her ex.

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