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Danyell Sinckler, a mother of one who died after jumping from a cliff during a fight with her boyfriend, did not commit suicide. Danyell Sinckler, 32, died in May 2022 after a protracted fight with her mental health that began when she was just 14 years old and culminated in her spending £7,000 on plastic surgery to look more like Instagram influencers.

She disagreed with her partner on the day of her death, near South Foreland Lighthouse in Saint Margaret’s Bay, Dover, before texting a series of friends and family members that she was about to terminate her life. Her phone also attempted to dial 999, but the calls were unsuccessful owing to a lack of signal or because they were ended before the operator could be reached.

A coroner has now determined that Danyell was not suicidal, but that her acts were a cry for help, according to Kent Online. Ms. Sinckler had earlier battled with lover Leon Morris in a pub in Broadstairs, Kent, before getting in her car and driving away, according to Maidstone coroner’s inquest.

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Danyell Sinckler Age

Danyell Sinckler was 32 years old.

Mother-of-one, 32, who fell to her death from a cliff after row didn’t kill herself, inquest rules

Over the next two hours, she phoned friends, relatives, and Mr. Morris, informing them of her intention to commit herself. ‘I’m thinking about terminating it all,’ she informed her mother, Stephanie Eaton. ‘Where are you?’ said Ms Eaton. In 20 minutes, I’ll be there.’ ‘You’ll be too late,’ she said. Ms. Sinckler dialed 999 three times and 112 twice in ten minutes beginning at 9.30 p.m., but none of the calls were answered. Ms. Sinckler’s body was discovered on the beach by a National Trust worker at 10.15 a.m. the next morning.

The inquest heard that police were unable to ascertain whether this was due to a lack of signal atop the cliff at St Margaret’s Bay or whether the calls were cut off before they could connect. The coroner stated after the inquest on Thursday that Ms. Sinckler had previously taken an overdose and informed friends or relatives. ‘There is evidence to infer intention, but I bear in mind that there had been earlier cries for help, and the fact that she communicated what she was contemplating doing to several individuals,’ Ms. Hepburn said in her judgment.

‘There were also several calls to emergency agencies that were unable to connect, which could have been to seek assistance. This tells me she wasn’t suicidal at the time. Her acts, I feel, were a cry for help.’ The 32-year-old has a history of mental health concerns, including body dysmorphia, and had recently been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, according to the inquest.

She told the Sun in 2019 that she regretted having so much work done and had been directly inspired by Instagram after spending a total of £7,000 on cosmetic surgery to modify her appearance. ‘I’ve got body dysmorphia,’ she explained. I simply do not see what others do. ‘I will not allow my daughter to use social media till she is older. We must accept ourselves as we are.’

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