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Danielle Stafford, 29, of Hallgate, Cottingham, spent the cash on nine watches and three expensive Louis Vuitton bags. The engineer, who graduated from Hull University, has also bought a second home and lived her life without touching any of her normal salary money due to a long-lasting “extra stream of cash income”. However, after being caught purely by chance when police saw her speeding, her drug empire began “to crumble before her very eyes,” Hull Crown Court heard.

A phone rang constantly with 30 calls or pinged up to 20 drug messages after she was arrested and police later found £26,917 in cash hidden around her home and drugs with a street value of £33,600. Stafford admitted to three counts of being involved in supplying heroin, crack, and cannabis and one count of possession of cash as criminal property, for dates spanning October 2017 and May 2020. She originally denied nine counts, but suddenly changed her guilty plea to four counts after the trial began. Nadim Bashir, the prosecutor, said police recovered text messages on Stafford’s phone from October 2017 that involved her directing another woman to complete £10 or £20 cannabis deals in her absence. There were also lists of people who owed money.


Danielle Stafford is 29 years old.

29-year-old drug dealer secretly financed her life of luxury by selling heroin and crack

Police in Hull at 7:30 p.m. m. on May 12, 2020, he saw a silver Audi driving down Priory Road towards the city center. It was going at high speed and made a hasty turn onto Hotham Road South, cutting the corner and cutting off a vehicle heading in the opposite direction.

The car was followed and stopped at The Odd Bottle car park on Wold Road. The police could smell the cannabis coming out of the car and this aroused their suspicions. She ‘immediately lied’ and told the police: ‘I’ll be honest, I have this’ and she handed the police a small silver wrapper containing two skunk cannabis buds.

Police found more bags of cannabis in it, including a food bag containing cannabis skunk and, from one pocket, another food bag containing cannabis skunk. The car was searched and a bag of marijuana worth £1,308 was found behind the driver’s seat. On the way to the police station, Stafford was seen ‘playing’ with her sweatpants and was asked if she had any more drugs hidden. She said, ‘Yes, but it’s not mine and I don’t know what it is. I put it in my pants when you dumped me.

Stafford pulled out, from between her legs, a bag containing a large number of sachets of cocaine. There were 56 crack packs, valued at £2,800. Her three-bedroom end-terrace home in Cottingham was searched after police forced their entry. A glass jar with plastic bags inside was found hidden behind a bag of coal bricks in a coal bunker in the backyard. In the jar were 270 packs of crack, valued at £13,500, and 205 packs of heroin, valued at £4,100. Stafford denied knowing them.

Wads of cash were also found in her bedroom and closet. Even with rental or accommodation allowances, neither property was able to provide a significant source of income to justify the cash found in the home,” Bashir said. During the interview with the police, Stafford claimed that a boy from Liverpool had stayed with her from time to time and that he had phoned her to tell her that he had left something of hers at her house.

When she got home, there was a large amount of cannabis, and when he asked her to take it with him, she said she didn’t feel comfortable doing so. She claimed that he asked her to just bring a bag that was there and in a panic she grabbed a bag and was driving to meet him. Stafford denied that she or the boy were dealing drugs, but later admitted that he would drive to Liverpool and bring him back to Hull.

She denied knowledge of any of the large amounts of cash found in her house, claiming that she looked after it for the boy, even keeping it for him in her own bedroom, in addition to the £2,350 she gave him. they belonged to her. She told the court that Stafford was a ‘keen’ cannabis dealer and progressed to become a Class A cocaine dealer. He somehow managed to keep his drug trafficking activities from drawing the attention of the police for a considerable period of time,” Bashir said. Sentencing was deferred by the reports and Stafford, who has no prior convictions, was allowed on probationary bail. She previously spent long periods in custody, but was later allowed out on bail.

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