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Danelo Cavalcante, 34, fled from the Chester County Jail in Pocopson Township, Pennsylvania, around 8:30 a.m. Police described the killer as five feet tall and only 120 pounds, but warned the public to stay away from the “extremely dangerous” offender and call 911 if they had any information on his whereabouts. Earlier this month, a jury returned a guilty verdict in the 2021 fatal stabbing of his ex-girlfriend, Deborah Brandao, 33, after just 15 minutes of deliberation. At the time, she was wanted for murder in her home country, Brazil, and prosecutors said he “silenced” her after she threatened to turn him in when she discovered her past. Cavalcante was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, gray shorts and white sneakers, and was seen walking down a side street about three miles from the prison after his escape. Authorities said police are searching “everywhere” for the convicted killer after his sudden disappearance, and District Attorney Deborah Ryan said it is currently unclear how he escaped. His escape comes just weeks after he was convicted of first-degree murder on August 16 and sentenced to life in prison on August 21 after two of his friends testified against him.

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Danelo Cavalcante is 34 years old.

Suspect in the Murder of Ex- Girlfriend Deborah Brandao

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, he killed Brandao with a kitchen knife that he had been using to cut meat in preparation for a barbecue earlier that day. Jurors heard that he was angry at Brandao because she had threatened to turn him in to the police, which came after she discovered he had hacked into her Instagram account to spy on her, Ryan said. During their trial, prosecutors claimed the couple was in an abusive relationship in which Cavalcante was “an angry and jealous boyfriend who needed to be in control.” On the day of the stabbing, Brandao was playing with her two children when she was confronted by the killer, who told her that she was going to “do something bad to their lives.” She then stabbed her more than 30 times in her upper torso and neck, according to testimony heard at trial, while her children yelled at him for her to stop. While her attorney said the stabbing occurred as a result of her turbulent and toxic relationship, jurors were not convinced.

He was sentenced to life in prison on August 22. In a recorded confession played at trial, Cavalcante admitted there was “no reason” to kill Brandao, however prosecutors claimed the stabbing was the culmination of a long history of domestic violence. After the stabbing, Cavalcante’s attorney said he called his mother and his sister to confess to the murder, before meeting with two of his friends, Francisco Lima and Michael Scahill. The two men testified against him at the trial in exchange for immunity from prosecution. They said Cavalcante drove to a business where the three were parked renting construction trailers, where they admitted to helping the killer wash the blood from Brandao’s hands. Scahill testified that he was given a change of clothes and told to “disappear”. Neither he nor Lima called the police, claiming they thought the couple had argued and did not learn of Brandao’s death until later that day. Cavalcante remained on the run for several hours before being arrested in Virginia by state troopers.

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