Dale Lee Vella Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Sentenced to 24 years in jail for murder of her husband Mark Anthony Vella


Dale Lee Vella Wiki – Dale Lee Vella Biography

Dale Lee Vella has been sentenced to up to 24 years in jail for murder of her husband, which a judge says will never be understood.

“It is clear that (Dale Vella) murdered her husband,” Judge Helen Wilson said during sentencing Friday in the New South Wales Supreme Court. Vella noticed one of his dogs was missing and the couple rode their ATV together to find the pet. Then they piled firewood inside and dined with his friend David Borg and his daughter Georgia. Later that night, Vella put a gun to her husband’s right eye while she was sleeping and shot her at point blank range. He died instantly. Mr. Borg was awakened by a loud bang and a knock on his door. Dale Vella told him to call an ambulance and said ‘I was going to shoot myself, but I shot him.’ He then called an ambulance and woke Georgia, who then “tortured herself” for what she could have done to help her father. “There was nothing that she or anyone else could have done to help him,” Judge Wilson said.

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Dale Lee Vella is 52 years old.

Killer wife jailed for shooting husband in his sleep

Vella never denied killing her husband at his home in the southern highlands of New South Wales, though he instead pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Her attorney, Greg Hoare, told the Supreme Court jury to find her not guilty of murder, arguing that she was substantially mentally disabled at the time. In a statement read out by crown prosecutor Kate Ratcliffe during Vella’s sentencing hearing, Borg recalled calling an ambulance knowing his friend would not survive and how he has haunted him ever since. murder Dale,‘ she wrote. ‘I will never have another friend like Mark.’ In an interview with police after her arrest, Vella said she had endured years of psychological abuse at the hands of her husband.

In a phone video taken of her before the shooting, she told the camera: “I can’t live like this anymore, I let him emotionally abuse (his children) for years, I tried to leave, but he didn’t.” he ‘he doesn’t care about anyone but himself’. “None of the children believed that he had abused them or his mother, they all spoke of him as a loving father,” Judge Wilson said Friday. The jury found her guilty of murder the same day she retired. “Many have suffered and will continue to suffer from her crime,” Judge Wilson said. “The court does not accept the demonization of Mr. Vella”. The couple’s children sat tearfully in the back of the courthouse on Friday as their mother was sentenced. Vella will be eligible for parole in February 2039.

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