Cynthia Santos and Paul Willis Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Identified victims of the Fort Worth mass shooting


Cynthia Santos and Paul Willis Wiki – Cynthia Santos and Paul Willis Biography

Cynthia Santos, 22, and Paul Willis, 18, are two of the three victims who were fatally shot in the Como neighborhood on July 3. There are a total of 11 victims, three have died and eight are in area hospitals in unknown conditions after shots rang out during a fireworks display in the Como neighborhood on Monday night. Santos rarely went out, but she lived in the Como neighborhood and last night she went to a party with a friend. Her sister told CBS News Texas’ Jason Allen that she was the mainstay of her family: She worked full time and took care of her mother, her sisters, and her brothers. Willis was out of work on a rare night off when he was fatally shot.

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Cynthia Santos, 22, and Paul Willis 18 years old.

Identified victims of the Fort Worth mass shooting

His mother was present when the shooting occurred. She ran out to find her children when shots rang out and unknowingly ran past Willis, where she was shot. “As the chief [Neil Noakes] said, we’ve got a long way to go,” Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker said. “And also this country, we are reeling from gun violence…Right now, we need to stand with Como and really learn how to prevent this from happening in the future.”Police are still looking for a suspect or suspects.

If you have information about the shooting or have personal video of the shooting or events leading up to the shooting, please contact the Fort Worth Police at 817-392-4330.

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