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Cristian Gaston Fernandez Wiki – Cristian Gaston Fernandez Biography

Authorities said Cristian Gaston Fernandez, 27, of Cutler Bay, was discovered dead by Miami Fire Rescue divers, while his buddy, Angel Dominguez, 29, of Hialeah, was rushed to the hospital with significant injuries.

The Miami men were on board a 30-foot boat that crashed into a Fisher Island ferry near Dodge Island at around 3.40 am on Sunday. Ferry workers pulled Dominguez from the ocean, and he told them about his missing friend before he was taken to the hospital. Gaston Fernandez was found dead in the water around five minutes later, officials said. Miami Port shut down following the fatal crash, leaving an estimated 15,000 cruise passengers stranded at sea close to the Florida coast, according to Cruise Industry News. Cruise ships constantly dock at Dodge Island, and after Sunday’s incident three liners – the Norwegian Escape, Carnival Celebration, and MSC Seascape – were locked in limbo for around 15 hours.

Investigators say the crash was an accident, and an official described the rescue mission from the scene. When we arrived on the scene we found one patient that the coastguard had recovered from the water,’ he told NBC. ‘He was transported to the Ryder Trauma Center. He began asking for his friend, so at that point we were notified that that was a second occupant in the boat. We found the other victim underwater after about a five-minute search. Unfortunately, the victim was deceased at the scene.’

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Cristian Gaston Fernandez was 27 years old.

Victim Who Died in Fatal Boat Accident Involving Fisher Island Ferry Identified

Videos posted online showed hundreds of dejected cruise passengers sitting on the floor of a waiting area ahead of their trip on a Carnival Celebration, which they were not able to board for almost a day. Other clips showed and endless crowd of people standing crammed together waiting for their MSC voyage to begin, while stacks of luggage lay waiting in the same area. Stranded MSC cruise passenger Barnabas Johnson said he and his pregnant wife had been on their feet waiting for the ship for several hours, before the port re-opened. We’re stuck,’ Johnson told NBC. ‘There’s nothing we can do. We can’t go home. We can’t leave. We can’t cancel our trip. We can’t get money back.’ People are hungry,’ he said. ‘People are thirsty and they’re telling us that it’s gonna be a long wait.’

The US Coast Guard said it ‘established a temporary security zone limiting inbound and outbound vessel traffic’ for Miami Port while Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) investigated. Later on Sunday they said the ‘sunken vessel’ was still posing ‘significant hazard to navigation’ around the port. Several hours later, the US Coast Guard said the vessel had been ‘successfully recovered‘, adding that the Captain of the Port had authorized a reopening.

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