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Craig McKenzie, from Manchester, ran a global network worth almost £6m, using dodgy companies to hide his criminal activities, the National Crime Agency said. Officers said the “arrogant” McKenzie thought he was “untouchable.” He was jailed for 20 years at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court. The crime agency said McKenzie, of Parkside Road in Fallowfield, “enjoyed a flashy lifestyle” which he tried to prove he had earned through his property business. He said that despite only having a declared income of around £33,000 in 2021, he wore a Richard Mille watch worth around £250,000 and drove two new cars, a BMW X5 and a VW Tiguan R-Line. A representative for the agency said that when officers raided McKenzie’s home they found designer items and clothing worth around £128,000 and £33,000 in cash.

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Craig McKenzie age is not mentioned.

Investigation Report

They said McKenzie’s operation used runners to transport heroin, cocaine and cannabis to clients as far away as Wales and London. Evidence gathered also suggests that he sent money from sales to “notorious criminals” in Spain and the United Arab Emirates “through money laundering channels.” McKenzie was arrested in February 2022 after being identified by Operation Venetic, a national organized crime investigation that followed the cracking of EncroChat, an encrypted global messaging service used by gangs. Investigators analyzed more than 11,000 messages sent by McKenzie and his co-conspirators between March and June 2020. The representative said they showed that McKenzie had “established close links with prolific and wanted international criminals and these relationships gave him access to other criminal conspiracies developing in the UK and abroad”.

In court, McKenzie was found guilty of conspiring to supply 45 kg (99 lb) of cocaine, 14 kg (30 lb) of heroin and 90 kg (198 lb) of cannabis with an estimated street value of almost $6 million. pounds sterling. The agency said McKenzie also laundered approximately £400,000 during the three-month period in 2020. He said proceeds of crime proceedings had been launched against him and assets worth £1.5m had been “restricted” ahead of a hearing on March 15, 2024. The representative added that McKenzie had “18 separate convictions for 26 offenses since 1996, when he was convicted of robbery when he was 13 years old.” After the sentencing, senior investigating officer Dean Wallbank said he was a “commercial-scale drugs boss who had international criminal contacts and who used his business as a cover.” “McKenzie believed he was untouchable and was arrogant to the point that he called one of his undercover companies Teflon Holdings because he believed none of his crimes would stick with him,” he said. He added that the conviction was due to Operation Venetic, which had allowed the agency to investigate criminals “who had previously gone undetected.”

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