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Cooper ‘Harris’ Andrews, a 26-year-old US Marine veteran, was killed last week on the outskirts of the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut while attempting to assist locals fleeing the bloodshed, according to his family and coworkers.

Cooper “Harris” Andrews, of Cleveland, Ohio, was murdered by a mortar bomb on April 19, his mother, Willow Andrews, informed CNN, increasing the total number of US citizens killed in the war to at least nine since it began in February 2022. Andrews worked with the Resistance Committee, an anti-authoritarian group that reported he was slain while assisting in the evacuation of residents from the battle-ravaged city in eastern Ukraine.

Andrews’ body has not been recovered as of Monday due to the severe fighting in the area. Bakhmut termed a “meat grinder,” has witnessed some of the war’s deadliest engagements between the city’s Ukrainian defenders and Moscow’s soldiers, which have spent months desperately attempting to conquer it.

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Cooper ‘Harris’ Andrews Age

Cooper ‘Harris’ Andrews was 26 years old.

Marine vet Cooper ‘Harris’ Andrews volunteering in Ukraine killed evacuating civilians in Bakhmut

Andrews left his birthplace in November to join the International Legion in Ukraine, a group of people from all around the world fighting with Kyiv’s regulars. His contract with the organization apparently expired in March, but according to his mother, he elected to remain in Ukraine as a volunteer. Andrews previously served in the Marine Corps as a ground electronics transmission systems maintainer from 2017 to 2022, according to an official service record supplied to the military news site Task & Purpose.

In a tweet, independent journalist Jake Hanrahan hailed Andrews as “a good man and a kind soul.” He also uploaded a photo of the 26-year-old Marine veteran brandishing a sledgehammer while smoking a cigarette that he had sent to a friend. Andrews said in a note that accompanied the selfie, “If I am martyred, remember me with my hammer.”The US Department of State announced Monday, without the name Andrews, that it could “confirm the death of a US citizen in Ukraine.”

“We are in touch with the family and are providing all possible consular assistance,” stated a State Department official. Andrews’ death comes just weeks after the deaths of two American military veterans, Edward Wilton, 22, and Grady Kurpasi, 50, in action in Ukraine. Like Andrews, Wilton, from Marianna, Florida, was killed by enemy soldiers while helping defend Bakhmut on April 7.

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