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Connor Gibson Wiki – Connor Gibson Biography

Connor Gibson, 20, is accused of sexually assaulting and murdering Amber Gibson, 16, in Cadzow Glen, Hamilton, on November 26 2021.

Amber Gibson was found dead in Cadzow Glen in Hamilton, Lanarkshire on November 28, 2021. Her brother, Connor Gibson, is on trial in Glasgow High Court. Gibson, 20, who can now be photographed for the first time as the trial reaches its final stage, denies attempting to rape her 16-year-old sister and strangling her. Prosecutor Richard Goddard, KC, told the jury that the combination of CCTV footage, DNA evidence and the fact that Gibson had tried to dispose of her clothing meant they should convict him. The court heard that Gibson left his Hamilton housing unit on the evening of Friday, November 26, to meet Amber. In raising 21 circumstances linking the defendant to the crime, the lawyer pointed to evidence that a bandage containing Gibson’s DNA was found near her body. He also said that Amber was last seen on CCTV with Gibson heading to the entrance of a park. Jurors were reminded that Gibson was not seen again on the same CCTV until more than 90 minutes later. Goddard said: ‘What was she doing in a dark and secluded place all this time? The same place where Amber would later be found.

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Connor Gibson Age

Connor Gibson is 20 years old.

Amber Gibson was murdered by brother she trusted

The KC claimed there was evidence of a struggle between the pair and they both ended up in a muddy mess. Goddard said Gibson was “caught red-handed” throwing away a T-shirt and shorts when he went home that night. He said: ‘Gibson knew that her clothes would have convincing evidence.’ In addition, he recalled that Gibson’s DNA was found on Amber’s bra, sweatpants, underwear and body. He pointed to how Gibson ‘obstructed’ all efforts to track down Amber, saying: ‘Why obstruct the police from finding her own sister? The obvious answer is that he didn’t want the police to find her while he was murdering her. He said Gibson “discarded the evidence and told lie after lie about where she was and when he last saw her sister.” And he added: “We have heard evidence of the terrible murder of a girl by a person he must have trusted.” “Taking all the sources in combination, he paints a clear picture that Gibson sexually assaulted and murdered his sister.”

Tony Graham, KC, defense attorney, told jurors that there is no specific time for Amber’s death. He said: ‘Can you convict someone of murder when you don’t know when the person dies?’ The attorney also claimed that Gibson assaulted her sister but did not cause her death. He reminded the jury that the cause of Amber’s death was compression of her neck. He said: ‘Where does that get you to decide that Connor Gibson should be found guilty of murder? There is no evidence of contact with the neck. Co-defendant Stephen Corrigan, 45, is charged with attempting to defeat the ends of justice. He has put forward a special defense of alibi. It is claimed that he found Amber’s body, touched her inappropriately and hid her remains. His lawyer, Rhonda Anderson, said: “Police tracked CCTV looking to locate him in Cadzow Glen that weekend. What did you find? Nothing.’ The trial, before Lord Mulholland, continues.

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