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Connor Duffy, 33, Cornish locals have criticized ‘idiot’ tourists who had to be rescued by lifeguards after driving to the beach and being stranded in their cars. Comical footage showed three cars stuck on Towan Beach in the popular resort town of Newquay, after motorists decided to ignore conventional parking spots and drive their vehicles straight onto the sand. In the video, a bewildered group of surfers can be seen walking past cars on their way to the water, as a lifeguard tries to remedy the all-too-familiar situation for locals.

Connor Duffy, a chef from Newquay, said the “idiot summer” started after he saw the vehicles recklessly heading to Towan Beach. He said motorists are making the same mistakes at least once a week despite the fact that traffic signals are present. Thousands of tourists visit Newquay every summer for its great surfing and lively nightlife, but the locals aren’t always too happy with the way their town is treated. Mr. Duffy explained how the motorists all got out together but did not appear to know each other. He added: ‘Then they had to get two RNLI trucks to leave their lifeguard posts to come and fix them. The locals had to pull them out as the tractors could not be called. They then had to clear the ramp while each taking turns speeding up the beach and up the ramp without getting stuck again. The lifeguards tried to fix it as quickly as possible, and they did.

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Connor Duffy Age

Connor Duffy is 33 years old.

Cornish locals slam ‘idiot’ tourists who had to be rescued by lifeguards

Duffy said a crowd soon gathered and cheered as the cars were finally pulled out of the deep sand and up the ramp. He added: ‘It just shows that common sense isn’t really that common. It happens at least once a week now because tourists don’t read the signs and think they are ok to do so. The same thing happens with the containers on the beaches, tourists throw embers still burning into the container and set it on fire. Fire trucks are stopped all the time during the summer because people don’t know how to get to the beach safely. Real shame. But this was more fun to watch than anything too serious. Some say people are entitled, but it was just a bunch of dumb people who don’t think much. It comes less than a week after another ‘idiot’ tourist parked his £25,000 Mercedes GLe SUV on the sand in Newquay too. Finally, a local tractor towed the car off the beach and into a local garage. Every year some of Britain’s wealthiest families descend on much of Cornwall and spend their summer holidays in their second homes. But second-home owners could soon be forced to pay double the amount of council tax as the government prepares to give local authorities more powers to raid holiday homes. More than 100,000 UK holiday homeowners will see their bills rise at the first opportunity, including in Cornish tourist hotspots, which have already approved the change. In the past, Cornish residents have sprayed graffiti on second homes, demanding: “Rent or sell your vacant houses to local people at a fair price.”

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