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Colin Greenway, a father who contracted a stomach virus after drinking water on a family holiday in Cyprus has died after being treated with only half the recommended dose of the drug, an investigation has reported.Colin Greenway, 63, was traveling in Peyia, Cyprus, with his wife Sue, his two eldest children, Ellen and Matthew, and Sue’s mother, Ann, when she fell ill after drinking bottled water. .Mr Greenway, a football referee, came to his home in Swaffham, Norfolk, with Ellen and Matthew, while Sue and Ann stayed out longer.He sought treatment after feeling unwell and was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn, where it was discovered that he had an infectious disease called campylobacter.The error is associated with drinking untreated water or eating undercooked meat and seafood. A junior doctor prescribed half the usual dose of the drug used to reduce the risk of developing blood clots.

Mr. Greenway was sent home when his blood results improved, but he died of a pulmonary embolism four days later, on October 29, 2022, when his daughter found him.During the course of his hospital stay, his prescription was not reviewed by a physician, consultant, or senior pharmacist.Only when Sue, 62, a retired physician, questioned whether she had been dosed correctly, was the mistake discovered.She said: “It was an absolute disaster, but my biggest concern about it is that if it hadn’t been a medical professional, none of this would have come to light.”My children called me and said: “I have terrible news: I found dad dead in bed.”‘I absolutely screamed. I went into complete shock.’My whole world ended when he died.’Sue herself had been ill with the virus and had just lost her father, Gordon, 88, in April 2022. Mr Greenway had returned to the UK, staying with his daughter Ellen, 33, after his hospital stay after assuring Sue that she doesn’t need to come back herself to take care of him.She is devastated that she was unable to say goodbye to her husband of 38 years.

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Colin Greenway Age

Colin Greenway was 63 years old.

Cyprus holidaymaker dies after King’s Lynn hospital blunder

Sue said: ‘I never got to say goodbye. It’s heartbreaking.He was so clever. He was very easy going. He lived for soccer.Sue she decided to go to the coroner after the alarms went off after receiving the pathologist’s report.Following an inquest into Mr Greenway’s death, a coroner warned that more people could die if the hospital did not improve its approaches.In a report to prevent future deaths, area coroner Yvonne Blake wrote: “It is the responsibility of the consulting physician to check what their unsupervised junior physicians are doing over the weekend when a patient is admitted.”‘This consultant never spoke to this junior doctor about the incorrect prescribing nor did he know what, if any, action had been taken on it.”A senior nurse informed me that there have been other similar medication errors since Mr. Greenway’s death.”She added: “While the consultants (three saw Mr. Greenway) continue to refuse to accept responsibility for doctors to prescribe, this situation continues.”

She concluded that the junior doctor had written the wrong prescription, despite having clear guidelines.She was concerned that the consultants had seen the pharmacists’ job as checking for errors while only providing service three days a week and were not ‘accepting responsibility’ for monitoring the junior doctors’ prescriptions.Govindan Raghuraman, QEH’s acting chief medical officer, said: “On behalf of the Trust, I reiterate our deepest condolences to Mr Greenway’s family.“We have reviewed Mr. Greenway’s care in great detail and have conducted an internal investigation.’The trust is developing an individualized action plan as a result of Mr Greenway’s research.Specific actions are being developed to address the coroner’s concerns.”We will formally update the coroner on progress as soon as actions are finalized, who will, in turn, update Mr. Greenway’s family.”Sue has now moved her mother Ann out of her to live with her and said they are ‘widows together’.

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