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Cole Gatti, a 16-year-old Interboro High School student, was killed in a horrific accident during Spring Break that also injured two other students. Gatti and his buddies were enjoying a semester-long spring break when the sad incident occurred. His family has been notified, and they are getting ready to say their last goodbyes to him.

Gatti, a student at Interboro High School, was 16 years old. The young man, who was born in 2007, enjoyed mowing the grass and riding motorcycles. He was a talented athlete and a strong academic student. In class, he exuded charm constantly. One of the people who perished in a car accident a few days ago was named Cole Gatti. Cole Gatti was one of three adolescents killed when a van carrying students on spring break lost control and flipped.

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Cole Gatti Age

Cole Gatti was 16 years old.

How did Cole lose his life in a car accident?

On Monday, April 3, 2023, a horrific car accident occurred in Prospect Park, California, seriously injuring three Interboro High School students. The fatal car crash claimed the lives of Landon Ford, Michael Mericle, and Cole. The three boys were leaving Walmart when they returned.

The tragic news of the IHS students’ car accident was reported by the Interboro Community News in the following post: During Spring Break, three IHS students—Cole Gatti, Michael Mericle, and Landon Ford—were seriously injured in a car accident. Gatti suffered terrible injuries and later passed away. Only 16 years old, he was. The results of the autopsy on his body will be made public shortly.

What led to the collision that claimed Cole Gatti’s life?

Cole Gatti died in a vehicle crash, but the details and cause have not yet been made public. As the students were on their semester spring break, it is thought that drunk driving may have contributed to the accident. Nothing, however, has been verified as of yet. Without a reliable source, avoid taking the rumors you read online seriously.

Gatti has set up a GoFundMe campaign to collect money for the deceased’s funeral expenses. From this page, you can make a donation. The campaign has a $15,000 objective and has already surpassed that amount.

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