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Clifford Walters has pleaded guilty to disturbing a young bison at Yellowstone National Park, which resulted in the calf’s euthanasia, officials said.

Clifford Walters, of Hawaii, pled guilty Wednesday to one count of feeding, caressing, taunting, frightening, or willfully disturbing wildlife, according to a press statement from the National Park Service. According to the park service, Walters must pay a $500 fine, a $500 community service payment to the Yellowstone Forever Wildlife Protection Fund, a $30 special assessment, and a $10 processing charge.

While park officials stated that there was no evidence that Walters behaved deliberately, his actions resulted in the death of the newborn bison. According to the National Park Service, the bison was separated from its mother after the herd crossed the Lamar River. Walters approached the suffering newborn calf on May 20 and pushed it from the river onto the pavement, according to the service.

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Clifford Walters Age

Clifford Walters age is not mentioned.

Man pleads guilty to disturbing baby bison that later had to be killed by rangers

According to officials, once on the road, the calf approached pedestrians and cars. Park authorities attempted and failed several times to reunite the newborn with its herd. Officials chose to euthanize the young bison since it had been abandoned and was posing a risk. “We made the choice we did not because we are lazy, uncaring, or inexpert in our understanding of bison biology,” the park service explained.

“We made the choice we did because national parks preserve natural processes.” Many people have wondered why Yellowstone did not care for the newborn bison or transport it to a refuge. According to the park, bison cannot be transferred out of Yellowstone unless they are going to meat processing or scientific research institutions, which are both federal and state requirements. “We now have a quarantine facility where bison can go through the months-long testing protocols for brucellosis and, if negative, be used to start conservation herds elsewhere,” according to the park service.

“However, quarantine is not appropriate for a newborn calf that has been abandoned and is unable to care for itself.” To avoid future accidents, park officials asked visitors to obey animal-handling standards. All visitors to Yellowstone National Park must stay at least 25 yards away from most species, including bison, elk, and deer. Visitors must keep at least 100 yards away from bears and wolves. The National Park Service stated, “Help us make it socially unacceptable to do anything else.”

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