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Clifford Allen, 60, died July 27 at MountainView Hospital, the Clark County Coroner’s Office confirmed to 8 News Now investigators.

“I could have been there to hold his hand,” said Allen’s sister, Lavonne Brubeck. “I could have called him by his name.” Allen and Brubeck lived together in the northwest valley. She said he became her best friend and partner after the death of her husband more than 10 years ago. “He went everywhere with me,” she said. It wasn’t unusual for Allen to leave the house for several days, Brubeck said. “He didn’t contact me,” Brubeck said of the days that followed. “I kept trying to call him and his phone went to voicemail.” After several days of silence, Brubeck, a retired nurse, began to worry. Her brother had COPD, she said, and it wasn’t like him not to pick up the phone. “I called every hospital in Las Vegas, every hospital,” she said. “I would ask for him by name and, since he’s in nursing, I’d say, ‘Do you have any John Does there?’” John Doe and Jane Doe are standard placeholder names for unidentified people. When Brubeck found her brother, it was almost the end of July. Clifford Allen was dead.

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Clifford Allen is 60 years old.

Missing Las Vegas man died alone because hospital gave him fake name instead of ‘John Doe,

“I didn’t even get to hold his hand or see him before he went to the coroner,” Brubeck said. Finding out what happened to her brother would be her own investigation. Brubeck obtained her brother’s phone bill and dialed the last number on it. She would discover that her brother collapsed in a shopping area near West Lake Mead and Rainbow boulevards around July 21. Several people told her that her brother stayed there for eight hours. “People saw it and no one responded to it,” Brubeck said. “That day it was 115 degrees and he was lying in the sun, and no one called.” Sometime during those eight hours, someone stole Allen’s wallet, ID and oxygen tank, Brubeck said. An employee at a nearby store later called paramedics when she noticed that the man, later identified as Allen, had not moved. “They didn’t even leave him a player card with his name on it, nothing,” Brubeck said. With a body temperature of 106 degrees, paramedics took Allen to MountainView, one of the many hospitals Brubeck called again and again.

“Ultimately, they were saying we don’t have any Clifford Allens or any John Does,” 8 News Now investigator David Charns told Brubeck. “Neither John Does nor Clifford Allens,” he said. “’No’, I can’t talk to the administration. Everything was a “no”. Brubeck was asking the hospital for those two names. He later learned that the hospital had given his brother a real name: Nolan Doe. It is MountainView’s policy to name the unidentified for record purposes, a hospital spokesperson told 8 News Now Investigators. “Basically, he was in a coma, I guess for the 10 days he was there,” Brubeck said. Allen would die alone in a hospital bed even though his sister did everything in her power to find him. In the end, it was the coroner who positively identified Allen from a photograph a family member brought to the office nearly two weeks after he left home. Brubeck also filed a missing person report with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. At the time, police had no records on Allen because he had no identification. The report was filed on July 26, one day before Allen’s death. Allen’s cause of death and manner of death remained pending as of Tuesday. Three hospital organizations declined to comment on the policy.

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