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Clelia Ditano died in the early hours of this morning in her apartment building in Fasano, in the province of Brindisi, southern Italy. The 25-year-old pressed the lift button and stepped through the doors when they opened and fell straight into the void, not noticing that the elevator was still four floors down. According to Italian media, she crashed down on to the roof of the elevator, which had stopped on the first floor, and died on impact. Clelia’s father tragically found her body this morning after calling her phone, which he heard ringing in the elevator.

He alerted emergency services who arrived at the scene around 8am, according to local media. Just hours before she died Clelia had posted a picture in an off-white top and matching skirt on her Instagram story, seemingly getting ready for a night out. She also shared an image of herself in a black dress, hauntingly writing on the day of her death: ‘Here’s to what’s to come.’ The 25-year-old, who was a cleaner for several bed and breakfasts in the area, loved dancing and going out, according to her friends. One friend called Ilenia heartbreakingly wrote in a tribute to Clelia: ‘It wasn’t supposed to go this way, you were supposed to make all your dreams come true, the family you wanted to create, find true love…’ Devastated Ilenia said Clelia was ‘a fundamental part’ of her life.

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Another friend asked: ‘How can someone die like that?. A third added: ‘No one deserves to die like this.’ ‘It wasn’t supposed to go this way… Beautiful and kind, you had a life ahead of you to live,’ Clelia’s friend Betty commented on the last picture on Clelia’s Instagram account.

Police officers and firefighters are working together to find out why the doors opened despite no elevator being there and why the lift was stuck a few floors below. ‘We can assume a malfunction of the locking system because the door should only open when the cabin is at the floor,’ an investigator told local media.

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