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Cindy Flash, 67, and Igal Flash, 66, were killed inside a safe room in their home in Kfar Aza, a herding community that became a massive slaughterhouse on Saturday.

Keren Flash, the couple’s adult daughter, told CNN on Thursday that she received a text message from her mother on Saturday that said, “They made it into the safe room.” “That was the last time anyone heard from them,” Keren said. For days, the fate of her parents was unknown, leading to speculation that they may have been taken to Gaza as hostages. But shortly before her interview with CNN, Keren received the devastating news that both her mother and father had died. The daughter said she was relieved to learn that her parents “apparently died instantly, so at least it was quick and relatively painless.” Cindy, originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, immigrated to Israel decades ago after falling in love with the country during a visit, USA Today reported. She married Igal, an Israeli, and the couple settled in Kfar Azar, a community just a few kilometers from the Gaza border that had about 800 residents before Saturday’s massacre, in which entire families were killed at gunpoint. shots and babies decapitated and burned. Keren said her mother, whom she lovingly described as “all heart and soul,” was a strong supporter of Palestinian rights.

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Cindy Flash, 67, and Igal Flash, 66, years old.

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Every time there was a military operation, she always protested,” Keren said, “…because you don’t treat human beings like that, no matter what your religious belief or ethnic background is.” “They were some of the best people I’ve ever met,” she added of her parents. “They were good people. They cared about other people. “They fought for other people’s rights and other people’s voices.” During the assault on Kfar Aza, Keren, her husband, and her 1-year-old daughter were huddled in a safe room in her home, just a few doors down from her parents’. The terrorists did not breach their hideout and were eventually rescued by Israeli soldiers and taken to a temporary shelter in Tel Aviv. Keren said that despite the proximity of her kibbutz to Gaza, her family never felt unsafe living there. On Saturday, the Flashes had planned to enjoy a picnic together, followed by an annual community kite-flying event where a DJ would play.

Instead, Keren and her family woke up around 6:30 a.m. by the sound of blaring alarms, prompting them to flee to her safe room. Her parents did the same in her own house. Throughout the harrowing hours that followed, which were punctuated by the sound of explosions and the endless rat-ta-tat of automatic gunfire, as the terrorists went from door to door systematically executing unarmed civilians, Keren stood by. Contact your family and friends through text messages. chains. “We started losing contact with so many people in various WhatsApp groups,” she said. “We would hear that they were hurt and then they would completely withdraw.” About 1,300 people were killed in Israel during the large-scale surprise attack, including at least 27 Americans, officials said. Another 3,000 people have been injured.

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