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Christopher Lapp Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Suicide, Investigation Report

Christopher Lapp Wiki – bio

The lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court on behalf of Christopher Lapp 16-year-old daughter alleges that a series of errors by corrections officers, federal marshals, prosecutors, and doctors contributed to Lapp’s death in 2021.

Lapp, who was 62 when he died, was being held in the Alexandria jail awaiting sentencing on a federal bank robbery charge. Prosecutors allege that Lapp stole the money for his Playboy mistress. He hanged himself in his jail cell in May 2021, about a month after pleading guilty, and was supposed to be sent to a treatment center in Butner, North Carolina, to continue receiving care to restore his mental health.

Christopher Lapp Age

Christopher Lapp was 62 years old.

Nuclear Physicist’s Family Sues Federal Government Over Jail Suicide

Lapp left a note for his daughter, writing that “some bad people have been after me for a while.” I’ve been trying to determine who they are, but things aren’t right. It’s better for everyone if I’m not around so they can’t harm others.’ Lapp had several degrees, including a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His father, Ralph Lapp, was a scientist working on the Manhattan Project. He lived in a wealthy Great Falls neighborhood and owned a $1.3 million home there at the time of his arrest. Prosecutors said in court documents that Lapp had multiple romantic interests, including a Playboy model, and that he “was working to keep his romantic love interests happy with extra money.”

Lapp was charged with entering a Wells Fargo bank in Great Falls in November 2018 and taking money from a teller at gunpoint. He then stole a vehicle to get away, prosecutors said. He was arrested when a K-9 officer tracked Lapp to his home. The robbery occurred during what the judge called a manic episode and what the Lapp family lawyer described as a psychotic break. He was initially found incompetent to stand trial, but he regained his jurisdiction after being sent to Butner.

After his jurisdiction was restored, Lapp decided to plead guilty to the bank robbery charge. The judge, T.S. Ellis III, accepted the guilty plea but ordered at the plea hearing that Lapp returns to Butner while he awaited sentencing so that he could continue treatment that had restored him to competence. That never happened. Butner refused to accept him, saying his policy prohibited them from accepting an inmate who had not yet been sentenced for “continuity of care purposes.”

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