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Christopher Ferguson, 41, was arrested Monday evening in connection the triple homicides of Jill and Bruno D’Amore, aged 73 and 74, as well as Jill’s 97-year-old mother Lucia Arpino, at their family home in Newton. He was charged with one count of murder and other counts, though prosecutors say more charges are pending. The couple had been set to renew their vows at Our Lady Help of Christians Church on Sunday for their 50th wedding anniversary. But when they failed to show up, a concerned friend went to check on them and found them and Arpino stabbed to death. Authorities on Monday described the scene as bloody, with clear indications that the D’Amore’s, who are both in their 70s, put up a fight in an attempt to stop their murderer. Jill had been stabbed more than 30 times before she died, medical officials determined.Massachusetts State Police found fingerprints, as well as a bloody bare footprint that they matched to Ferguson, who had been spotted on surveillance footage in the area Saturday night. Like fingerprints, the skin of people’s feet is unique,’ Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said at a news conference Monday night. She added Ferguson was seen ‘staggering’ in the area with no shoes and no shirt at 5.20am Sunday. It is unclear if that was before or after the allege murders, but Ryan said it was about 100 yards from his home and about four-tenths of a mile away from the crime scene.

Authorities said Ferguson did not personally know the D’Amores or Arpino and they believe the stabbing was ‘random.’ Ryan also said Ferguson was previously ‘known to police,’ though it is unclear whether he had any prior arrests.He is now charged with homicide, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and burglary. Ryan said she expects further charges once the autopsies on all three victims are complete.As of Monday night, only the autopsy on Jill had been completed.A medical examiner found she suffered over 30 stab wounds when Ferguson allegedly broke into her house Saturday night.Police on the scene found a screen window torn in the basement and blood on the ground. They also found a blood-stained knife in the kitchen.There were also apparently signs of a struggle, including broken furniture and a crystal paperweight covered in blood.Investigators said they had matched a bloody footprint from the scene to the suspect.Ferguson is in a hospital, Ryan said, but it is unclear what injuries he may have sustained in the altercation.He is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday.

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Christopher Ferguson is 41 years old.

Christopher Ferguson Arrested: Suspect in the Murders of Jill D’Amore and Bruno D’Amore and Lucia Arpino

The D’Amore’s were remembered Monday as ‘fantastic Italian people who wouldn’t hurt a soul.’Jim Sbordone, a retired Newton Fire Department lieutenant who was also close friends with the D’Amores, told The Boston Globe the family had long been patrons of the nearby Our Lady Help of Christians Church. ‘They would just do anything for anybody,’ Sbordone told the newspaper. ‘These were great people.”This isn’t the type of thing that happens in the neighborhood,’ he said. ‘I hope it never happens again to anybody.’Cousins of the D’Amores, Paul and Ginny Arpino, noted in a tribute that prior to Covid, Jill’s mother Lucia had not missed a mass in over 60 years.’She and her husband Alberto sat in the “North End” section of our church,’ they wrote. According to an obituary published in the Boston Globe, Alberto left her widow after passing away in 2014, aged 87.A neighbor who lives near m the couple but wanted to remain anonymous also expressed confusion and shock at such a seemingly arbitrary act of violence.’Why them?’ they told The Boston Herald. ‘Why a nice couple like them? Why this neighborhood? Nothing like this happens in this neighborhood.’He said the victims were a ‘very, very nice couple.’

The pair were regular attendees of the church and Jill is listed on its website as being involved in decorating it ‘in keeping with the liturgical seasons’.’Jill had taken on the ministry of beautifying our church’s environment. Without a single day of liturgical training she simply followed her heart, caring for the flowers and decorating for the liturgical seasons. She spent endless hours in the care of our church,’ wrote the couple’s cousins, Paul and Ginny, in a tribute. The church’s pastor Rev. Dan Riley, told The Globe he had known the family since he moved to the Roman Catholic parish more than six years ago.Riley described them as ‘just the best vision you could have of a Catholic Italian-American family.”They had family warmth, a tomato garden outside, hospitality. They were just great people,’ he added.

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