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Chelsea Grimm, 32, was reported missing by her parents on Oct. 4 when they couldn’t locate her days after she told them she was planning to go camping in Arizona and might not have phone service, AZ Family reported. A logger last saw her camping in her car on September 30 in an area near Ashfork, Arizona. Grimm’s abandoned car was found with flat tires on the side of the road on October 5. Her belongings and her pet dragon were not inside the closed Ford Focus SUV and her phone and credit card activity stopped, according to the local media. “We are doing everything we can to hold on to positive outcome scenarios and trust the authorities,” her father, Stephen Grimm, told the publication. Just two days before the last known sighting of her, Grimm interacted with a police officer in Williams, Arizona, who was checking on her after receiving a call about a suspicious vehicle near a cemetery and war memorial. The Sept. 28 encounter was captured on the officer’s body camera and was recently released in hopes of aiding the missing person investigation.

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Chelsea Grimm is 32 years old.

Investigation Report

Grimm, a photographer and artist, appeared upset in the images and the officer asked her if she was okay. “Yeah, I was doing a photo shoot of the missing soldiers and I got a little emotional, so I was crying before I got back on the road,” she says from the driver’s seat. The policeman asks Grimm if she has a hotel for the night. “I don’t, I was actually thinking about camping for the night, but I wasn’t exactly sure yet. “I didn’t plan to be here until sunset,” she tells him. “There the yellow lights up, the Loves? It’s the truck stop. In the gas station area, you can sleep there. “No one will bother you,” the officer says. “Oh perfect. Awesome. Yes, I love it,” Grimm replied. The Grimm family hired a private investigator to help local authorities investigate the disappearance of their daughter. “It’s a nightmare that you could never have imagined and that you wouldn’t wish on anyone,” her father, Stephen Grimm, told Law & Crime Network on Monday. “But having said that, we will hold on. We cling to hope. Trusting law enforcement professionals. We also hired a private investigator who will hopefully help.”

Investigators with the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office said they do not expect a crime to have been committed at this time after finding Grimm’s locked car. Her family is waiting for a ride when she got two flat tires. “The car was locked,” the missing woman’s mother, Janet Grimm, told Law&Crime. “It was great. Therefore, there were no visual signs of struggle. And she may have simply decided that she was going to continue with her camp.” Her parents said Grimm planned to travel across the country to attend a wedding in Connecticut after learning she couldn’t take her bearded dragon on a plane. However, after arriving in Arizona after a few days of driving, Grimm decided that his plan was too ambitious and that he would have to skip the wedding. Instead, he decided to camp in Arizona and then return to California, according to his parents. But in recent days, when Grimm was seen or heard from, he seemed “uneven,” his father told Law & Crime. “She was upset with a guy she was dating; she was afraid of him,” Stephen Grimm said. “We felt like she was running away from him. And I think, in general, that was affecting his thinking a lot.”

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