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Chelsea Ferguson saved her four-year-old daughter from being hit by a car, in which she suffered severe injuries. His Biography, car crash, Daughter, and how this accident happened read more details.

A mother of four who pushed her four-year-old daughter Pippa to avoid being hit by an oncoming car while on holiday taking the full force of the impact is now fighting to save her leg. Chelsea Ferguson, 29, who was walking through a supermarket car park with her four children in Westport, New Zealand, was struck by a car driven by an elderly man.

Because she had to bear the full force of being hit by a car, Ferguson suffered serious injuries. Her femur suffered a compound fracture, her shin bone was shattered, and her arteries were also injured. Jessica Irons, said her sister Chelsea, who was on vacation when the tragedy struck, is a hero for rescuing her young daughter, the Daily Mail reported.

They came to New Zealand on holiday because our other sister was having a baby, so she came to be a part of the birth,” Irons said. “She was leaving the supermarket and going back to the car when she heard the screeching of a car speeding up and down the road. instinctively he threw his daughter out of the way, saving her life. She doesn’t remember doing it, but she completely saved his life. Her maternal instincts kicked in and the next thing she knew, she woke up in Nelson Hospital,” the sister added.


Chelsea Ferguson is 29 years old.

Treatment of Chelsea Ferguson after the accident

Since the incident, Ferguson has undergone five surgeries. The first involved using an artery from her thigh implanted in his shin to save his leg after being cut off from its blood supply for six hours. On Friday, Ferguson underwent a second surgery to remove a muscle from his lateral back and wrap it around his leg. Doctors predict that surgery will save his limb 80% of the time, but he still has a 12-month recovery period ahead of him. Ferguson, born in New Zealand, has lived in Australia since 2008.

Irons describes her sister as “an incredible ray of light,” a “great mother and human being,” and someone who would sacrifice anything for anyone. “She is so beautiful and she would give anything to anyone,” Irons said. “She’s just a surrogate to two boys from NSW and gave them a baby. She goes out of her way to make sure she gives her kids everything they need, she’s so strong.” The Queensland mother of four is now in dire financial straits due to the length of her recovery. “While her medical care covers her medical stay, both she and her husband are out of work and must pay their mortgage and support their four young children with no income,” Irons added.

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While Ferguson receives medical care and rehabilitation, the family will continue to live together in New Zealand. Irons says the family isn’t sure how it would cover living costs or the children’s education. “As for the children, we don’t know if they will end up going to school here, we have no idea, all we know is that she is recovering in the hospital,” Irons said. Chelsea’s husband, Matt, told Daily Mail Australia that the whole situation is “a bit like a nightmare.

A fundraiser has been organized to help the Ferguson family, who are going through a difficult financial time. Fundraising, more than $32,000 has already been raised.

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