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Charlotte Burlace-Colquhoun body was found in the water at Salford Quays on December 20, two days after she was reported missing. The family of a 20-year-old student who was found dead after moving to Manchester to “follow her dreams” is still searching for answers months after the tragedy. The young woman described as an “incredibly gifted” student, had recently moved to Salford and was living in student accommodation. Security camera footage before her disappearance showed Charlotte wearing a black tote bag, a pink/red wig, and a black beanie, none of which have been found. Her family said they are conducting their own investigation as they desperately search for answers. and they are still looking for several of her belongings.


Charlotte Burlace-Colquhoun was 20 years old.

Family seeks answers about how she got into the river and why

Charlotte was last seen wearing a red, white, and blue cardigan with the American flag, black leggings, and Doc Martens. She had a shaved head, so her mother Sara said that it is not clear if she was wearing a wig or not. Her mother said Charlotte left her home with her key chain, key fob, iPhone, and citizen ID card which have not yet been recovered. The family has been trying to speak to anyone who saw Charlotte between December 18 and the morning of December 20, when she was found dead. hours on Sunday, because she was not found dead until more than 50 hours later. “We are trying to find out as much as we can to help us get some answers about how she got into the river and why. Someone must have seen her. Police believe she entered the river in the Frederick Road area. “She loved to go for walks late at night, because she had autism, she often found people difficult, so she would go out at a quieter time and there was less chance of bumping into people. “As a family, we are just trying to piece together what happened. This has been very difficult for all of us. We are desperate to find out what happened to our daughter.”

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Cause of Death

Sara said Charlotte’s sister Hannah had also traveled to Salford and retraced the five-mile-long route along the River Irwell from their accommodation to Salford Quays, touring the area and fishing the water with sticks hoping to find their lost belongings to no avail. An inquest into Charlotte’s death was opened at Bolton Coroner’s Court on 6 January. An autopsy listed her cause of death as drowning. “Not all of the valuables she had with her have been found and we want to know if anyone saw her or if she spoke or was with anyone,” Sara added. “All it (the autopsy) tells us is that she was not dead before she went into the water, but we don’t know how, when, or why. “For three and a half months we have been working full-time trying to find out what happened. “Because she used social media, we’ve been going through all of her profiles and reaching out to friends we don’t even know. It’s been like a full-time job and it’s exhausting at a time when we should be able to cry.”

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