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Charles Weston Nelson passed away on November 26, 2022. His Biography, Die, and what is the cause of death, read more details.

Charles Weston Nelson’s son, Kirby, confirmed his father’s death. He posted photos of his father mentioning that Nelson passed away on November 26, 2022, along with a note that read “Today is a sad day. The cause of death for Charles Weston Nelson has not yet been revealed. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on the cause of death of will is added soon.


Nelson’s age was not mentioned.

Nelson’s Student Posted a heart-touching post on Facebook

Charlie Weston Nelson began his journey through that western gate. The Nelson student posted a touching post on Facebook along with photos of him.
I am, I can’t even begin to express. Our Minweyweywiigaan Lodge Ogimaa Mizhakwanigiizhik-ban Charlie Nelson-ban began his journey through that Western Gate.

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He was my mentor, my teacher, and my Lodge uncle…his love, kindness, acceptance, and knowledge of him changed the trajectory of my life in a very profound way. I would not be here today if it weren’t for his leadership and love. Mazhakwat and I were doing our Mide “work” at Curve Lake for his community the way he taught us to do when Anna called me. We knew the guy wouldn’t have wanted us to stop, he always said “keep going” so we did…carrying a small part of his legacy forward and the community in turn wrapped us up with great care and kindness.

Patricia Shawnoo commented:

“I extend my deepest condolences to all of you, he will always be loved and remembered for his kindness, love and respect for all of us. I danced the megis of my life. That is one of my most precious and precious memories I have of him. Sending our prayers, love, respect and support to all of you. Much respect to Shawnoo Homestead and the Tecumsehs family.”

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