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Charles Doty Jr., 64, admitted that he pointed the high-powered rifle in the face of an employee, who was working his first day at the chain in Knoxville in November 2021, because he felt his pizza order was taking a while. too much. He ordered a pepperoni pie but became impatient when told it would take 10 minutes. He left the restaurant and returned with the AK-47 while demanding a free order of Crazy Bread from Little Ceasars during the wait. “Come in, the gun is pointing…a little bit down,” new employee Kimberleigh Murrell told WATE. “Then I look at it. My eyes land on the gun and he literally picks it up, points it at me… and says, ‘Where’s my pizza? I want my pizza now.’

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Charles Doty Jr. is 64 years old

Investigation Report

When another employee tried to leave the restaurant, Doty allegedly asked him “where the hell I thought he was going,” according to a police report. “I never expected someone to come for a six-dollar pizza that you paid for with a gun,” Murrell said. Another customer who had just received the cake from him handed it to Doty to calm the situation. He left with that customer’s pizza before police officers arrived in response to an employee’s 911 call. Another employee at the pizzeria said he was also surprised because the wait wasn’t even long. “There wasn’t even a 10-minute wait when he came in with the gun. “If he hadn’t come in with the gun and waited another two or three minutes, it would have already been packed up and in his hands,” Noah Beeler told the local station. Doty pleaded guilty to four counts of aggravated assault on August 23, The Smoking Gun reported. He will be sentenced on September 29.

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