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Charles Dennis Le Marchant Turnbull Wiki – Biography

Charles Dennis Le Marchant Turnbull is accused of being involved in the dumping of the body of a Cronulla drug dealer in a river on the central New South Wales north coast. The 33-year-old was charged with being an accessory to murder, stealing a motor vehicle and wrongfully interfering with a dead body at Lismore Local Court on Saturday. Turnbull, owner of aviation services company AAG based at Brisbane Airport, was allegedly contacted by accused killer Zachary Richard Fraser, 22, to help cover up the murder of 22-year-old Darcy Schafer-Turner. Schafer-Turner’s body was found wrapped in plastic and inside a metal container floating in Warrell Creek in Macksville. Police have alleged that Schafer-Turner was violently assaulted and possibly suffocated over a drug-related dispute in April. Turnbull was refused bail in May but his extradition to New South Wales was deferred until Queensland matters were finalised. The businessman’s extradition was granted in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Friday. A bail hearing at Brisbane Magistrates Court in May heard Turnbull allegedly flew to Sydney, where he bought bleach, coveralls, duct tape, gloves and cleaning supplies from Bunnings.

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Charles Dennis Le Marchant Turnbull is 33 years old.

Brisbane man extradited to NSW after body allegedly found in metal container

Police alleged he then went to the Peakhurst property where Mr Schafer-Turner’s body lay. Turnbull allegedly made another trip to Bunnings, in the deceased’s van, to buy a large metal cabinet, a drill, cable ties and rolls of black plastic. It was alleged that Turnbull and the other men cleaned up the crime scene and wrapped Mr Schafer-Turner’s body in plastic, then placed it in the metal cabinet which was then placed in the deceased’s van. Turnbull then allegedly bought an aluminum trailer and boat in Port Macquarie on Facebook marketplace which he then drove north to Warrell Creek, where he dumped the body. The court heard Turnbull was allegedly paid a sum of cash for his help. “He was called in this case to clean up, but I don’t have any information to suggest that was the normal occupation for him,” Detective Acting Superintendent Gorman said. Turnbull allegedly had drug-related debts and had been told he could pay off some of that debt if he helped. New South Wales police set up a strike force in May as they investigated Schafer-Turner’s disappearance while tracking drug sales in Sydney’s southeast. Police had been investigating his drug dealings, but suddenly fell silent on April 27. Fraser has been charged with murdering Schafer-Turner at a Peakhurst home in late April and remains before court.

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