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Chantelle Bortlam, 20, the mother of a young child who survived after eating a battery has delivered a desperate warning to parents.

Chantelle Bortlam had to send her three-year-old daughter Lexi Mai to the Royal Stoke University Hospital on Monday after discovering she had eaten a penny-size button battery from a toy wand. When she arrived at A&E, an x-ray revealed the battery in her stomach, and medics administered honey to establish a protective barrier between the battery and her stomach. The 20-year-old mother has now issued a warning to other parents after Lexi Mai was given the all-clear after the battery was discovered in her nappy on Wednesday, according to the Stoke Sentinel.

Chantelle claimed that she turned their Bentilee home upside down after seeing a toy wand’s plastic battery cover had shattered, one of the three batteries was gone, and Lexi Mai pointed to her lips. My heart just went, I was in tears,” the terrified mother explained. I’d heard of Harper-Lee. It’s difficult, especially after reading about another child who died after ingesting a battery. My family was continuously texting and fretting, and I was in tears. I was keeping a constant eye on her. I checked her nappy every time she had a poo, and it did come out the second time. The state of the battery when it was extracted concerned me. It was rusted, black, and green.

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Chantelle Bortlam is 20 years old.

Mum’s shock as her 3-year-old daughter swallows a button battery

“It was frightening. They stated that if it had not come out and had become clogged, they would have had to speak with the expert to determine the next step. It may have gone in a different direction. The battery cover is not at all secure. The screw remains in the toy, and the cover has snapped. Inside, the batteries were not even properly shielded. It was dreadful. “All batteries from all the toys have now been discarded.” When kids are playing with toys, make sure the batteries are securely in them,” Chantelle advised others. Toy stores should consider the age ranges; this toy stated 0-3, but that is not acceptable.” These toys feature loose parts and exposed batteries; they are not suitable for children under the age of six. They should not sell children’s toys that include button batteries at all.”

Stacy-Marie Nicklin, a fellow Stoke-on-Trent parent, lost her two-year-old daughter Harper-Lee Fanthorpe in May 2021 after swallowing a button battery from a remote control, in a similar occurrence with a devastating outcome. Stacy-Marie founded the Harper-Lee Foundation to educate people about the risks of button batteries. She is advocating for the passage of Harper-Lee’s Law, which would prohibit the use of button batteries in children’s products such as toothbrushes, novels, and birthday cards.

“This is the second child in Stoke-on-Trent in two years who has swallowed a button battery,” Stacy-Marie said. I understand how that mother felt. Their family is extremely fortunate; their daughter is safe. My father died. Please double-check and double-check again, parents.” According to the Child Accident Prevention Trust, at least two children die in this country each year as a result of eating lithium coin cell batteries.

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