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Chad Fryar, Pastor of Crossroads Cowboy Church in Bismarck, was involved in a horrible accident with his family.

Pastor Chad Fryar and his kid are in severe condition after a train collided with their van. His two daughters, who were also in the car, were killed in the accident. The family was driving east on Richwoods Road when they went over Union Pacific Railroad tracks, according to reports. A train going north collided with the car as it moved across the railway. The truck became stuck in front of the railway and was pushed for some 2,400 feet before both came to a halt.

Pastor Fryar’s congregation issued the following statement following the accident: We have been devastated by yesterday’s tragic events and the loss of Marlee Jo and Dana Kate. Chad and Bo Henry are both doing well in nearby hospitals. Please keep praying for their recovery. Please keep Rachel in your prayers as she copes with her loss and ministers to her son and husband. Chad and Rachel were crucial members of CrossRoads Cowboy Church-El Paso. They have been with us since the beginning and are treated as family.

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Chad Fryar Age

Chad Fryar is 37 years old.

2 children killed, father and another child survive Union Pacific train collision, Clark County accident

They have a strong faith and understanding of God, which was clear when they took the risk of opening the Bismark site. We are confident that this solid foundation will assist them in navigating this challenging moment. Please pray for Chad, Rachel, and Bo Henry, as well as their grandparents (Ron, Kathy, Reggie, and Sandy), extended relatives and friends, and the Bismark congregation. In the following days and months, they will require much more of our prayers and assistance. Pastor Ron Riddle of El Paso’s Crossroads Cowboy Church knows Fryar and his family personally.

“They’ve just become a part of my family, and we adore the Fryars,” Riddle added. “They came on the very first Sunday and never left.” After the crash, Riddle spoke with Chad Fryar’s wife, Rachel. He claimed Rachel was the one who informed him that Fryar’s truck had been hit. Riddle described his family as “the kind of friends and church family you want to have.” He admitted that it’s difficult to understand why things like this occur, but as a pastor, he trusts in God’s purpose. “There are no guarantees in life,” Riddle said. “God gives us life one second at a time without ever promising us that another second is coming.

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