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Cathy Weed, of Lawrenceville, died on June 24 following an encounter with a fire ant hill at her home, according to her relatives. Weed had a severe allergy to the fire ants, and is believed to have died before she could get to her medicine, the loved ones said. In the wake of the tragedy, the community immediately rallied around Weed’s 15-year-old son, who plays baseball for Mountain View High School. The players stood side by side on the field in her honor on Sunday.

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Cathy Weed’s age was not mentioned.

Cathy Weed Death: Tributes

“Cathy always had a smile on her face. She was always just so cheerful, always cheering on every boy on the team, not just her son,” friend Zuhera Waite told WSAZ. Baseball coach Jason Johnson said the team did not hesitate to step up for Weed’s son, who is a rising sophomore. “His mom was everything to him, and he was 100%, even more so to her,” he said. “We won’t ever let him forget her.” Thus far, the Mountain View community has also raised over $4,000 for Weed’s family. “I know Cathy is happy that we’re still playing ball, and it was just a great, beautiful tribute to her,” Waite said.

The medical examiner is still determining Weed’s official cause of death, according to WSAZ. In a June 2018 Facebook post, Weed shared an emotional snapshot of herself in the hospital after having an allergic reaction to fire ants during an Epipen shortage. “What if an ant comes after me while I’m out of town?” Benadryl had no effect on this!!!! “I just wanted to share this with anyone who needs an epipen….remember to keep up with your prescriptions!” she added.

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