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Carrot Top, a celebrity witness in the “mile-high meltdown” case, has claimed he was on the same flight as the woman responsible for the now-famous in-flight freakout, which he alleges she was doing for pleasure. The “crazy f-king just lost his mind in front of the whole plane,” the 58-year-old comedian said as he gave eyewitness testimony about him in one of the clips. He too captured the incident and posted it on Instagram. I hope she is happy!!! We are all stuck in Dallas now because of her,” he wrote at the time. The Post has reached out to Carrot Top representatives for comment. For the uninitiated, the flight mare occurred Sunday after the unidentified passenger was filmed ranting about an imaginary person aboard an American Airlines flight preparing to depart Dallas. “I’m telling you, I’m getting s**t, and there’s a reason I’m getting s**t and everyone can believe it or not believe it,” the woman yells as she walks by. towards the front of the plane, as seen on TikTok with 13.5 million views. “I don’t give a fuck, but I’m telling you right now: that motherfucker in the back is NOT real.”

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Carrot Top is 58 years old.

Here’s what happened on the plane with the ‘imaginary person’ meltdown woman

The doomsayer concludes his tirade by pointing to the rear of the plane, presumably toward the source of his concern, and yells, “You can sit in this plane and you can die with them or not. I’m not going to.” The “Final Destination” type incident reportedly delayed the flight for approximately three hours as passengers were forced to depart and then reboard the plane, according to the original poster. The circumstances surrounding the incident are still unclear, but Carrot Top (real name Scott Thompson), who was allegedly on board the plane, had his own theories about it.

In one of the videos, which shows Carrot Top sitting in the Dallas airport after the impromptu landing, the comedian says the whole incident was sparked by the woman “losing her earpiece.” The comedian did not give further details, although he did say that they finally reached his destination. “Five hours later, we’re here in Orlando,” the comedian lamented. “I missed the fireworks and everything else tonight.” Thompson added that he takes his hat off to “everyone at American Airlines” for how they handled the situation. “I hope you’re having a relaxing night behind bars in Dallas, Texas, and I hope you enjoyed your little stunt,” Carrot Top concluded, hinting that the woman had been locked up for her crazy. It is not yet known what consequences the woman faced, although the account that posted the original video claimed that the upset passenger was not arrested after her outburst.

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