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Carlos Alberto Trejo Colorado man was arrested for allegedly killing his cousin with a bow and arrow before police caught him trying to enter the station to surrender, according to a report.

Carlos Alberto Trejo reportedly admitted that he “just woke up” and shot Martin Rodarte, 37, in the chest with the gun at his Colorado Springs home earlier this month, according to a probable cause affidavit. obtained by Law & Crime. Trejo allegedly made the confession after breaking into a Colorado Springs police station through a rear window around 1:30 a.m. m. on December 18, according to the report. When police asked Trejo what he was doing, the 36-year-old reportedly said, “I just woke up and I shot my friend in the chest… I shot him with an arrow. Initially, police did not believe Trejo’s alleged murder admission. They had been called in to deal with him just two days earlier when they say he admitted to using cocaine and acid.


Carlos Alberto Trejo is 36 years old.

Carlos Alberto Trejo arrested for allegedly killing his cousin with a bow and arrow

On December 16, Trejo reportedly told police that “there was a situation in the apartment that he needed to escape from,” the affidavit says. Trejo refused to provide any further information, and officers who tried to call him back said that he “was not cooperating. Four hours later, police were called to check on Trejo, who was on his way to Guthrie’s Bar and Grill, a few blocks from Trejo’s apartment. Trejo was allegedly “on acid, hallucinating and making other patrons uncomfortable” and was described by police as “emotionally distraught. Trejo was taken to a hospital to be evaluated “for a possible acid overdose.”

Despite not believing Trejo after he broke into the station, the officers decided to search Trejo’s apartment and found that the door was open. Inside, they found the body of an adult male on the bedroom floor with a “compound archery bow” next to him. Trejo’s girlfriend reportedly told investigators that she had been living in the apartment until the two had a “disturbance.” She moved in a few weeks before the murder and Rodarte, who said he was Trejo’s cousin, moved in. Trejo is currently being held in the El Paso County Jail on a $500,000 bond, jail records show.

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