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Alfie Steele was allegedly tortured and whipped by his mother, Carla Scott, and her fiancé, Dirk Howell, in their Droitwich house, and held in a cold bath.

A nine-year-old kid was found dying in a bath at his house with 50 injuries all over his body, a court heard. Prosecutors claim Alfie Steele was beaten on multiple occasions as part of a “sinister” punishment regime. Opening the case at Coventry Crown Court, jurors heard Alfie was “dunked” in cold baths as punishment at his home in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Carla Scott, his mother, and her companion, Dirk Howell, both deny his murder. According to Michelle Heeley KC, Alfie was beaten with belts, forced to stand outdoors at night and have cold water thrown at him, and shut out of the house.

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Carla Scott, 35, and Dirk Howell 41 years old.

Alfie Steele: Trial hears boy found dead in bath had 50 wounds

She stated that Ms. Scott, 35, began dating Mr. Howell, 41, in 2019, two years after her divorce from Alfie’s father, but her new relationship was “not a happy one” for her son. Dirk Howell believed in discipline,” Ms. Heeley explained, adding that “for Dirk Howell, discipline was far more physical and psychological.” She stated that jurors would hear testimony from neighbors who saw “a child standing outside the house begging to be let in, with both defendants refusing to let them in.” Ms. Scott, of Vashon Drive in Droitwich, was known to social services, and Mr. Howell, of Princip Street in Newtown, Birmingham, had been barred from staying at the residence overnight, according to the court.

However, she allegedly “willfully and continuously flouted this rule,” with the prosecution claiming that “her loyalty was to her partner” above all other considerations. Ms. Scott called 999 on the day Alfie died, 18 February 2021, claiming he had hit his head and “fallen asleep in the bath.” The boy was already “lifeless” and “cold to the touch” when emergency services arrived, according to the court. He also had bumps and bruising on his face, according to the cops who attended. He was brought to Worcester Royal Hospital and pronounced dead at 15:55 GMT.

‘Hide their guilt,’ they say

Ms Scott answered “About an hour ago” before revising her answer to 10 minutes when asked when she found Alfie. Prosecutors also claim she lied about Mr. Howell’s location in order to “protect him” and conceal their guilt. Her first thought when her child was dead was to lie,” Ms Heeley explained. Despite their claims that he had not been at the house, officers spotted Mr. Howell on a nearby street and arrested him as he attempted to board a train.

“At that point, what were they both trying to hide?” “It’s their fault,” Ms Heeley added. They knew what they had done, and Dirk Howell’s first instinct was to run.” A post-mortem examination indicated that the reason for Alfie’s death was unknown, although Ms. Heeley stated that he “didn’t die of natural causes.” He had bruises all over his body and signs that he’d been deprived of oxygen,” she explained. Mr. Howell admitted to child mistreatment against other children before the trial, but he denies murder, manslaughter, cruelty, and causing or enabling Alfie’s death. Ms. Scott also denies murder, manslaughter, causing or permitting Alfie’s death, and child maltreatment against her son and other children.

The trial is still ongoing.

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