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Cameron Jackson is the second child to die in the Atlantic shooting that occurred last weekend. His Biography, Killed, injured, shooting, and who is it read more details.

Cameron Jackson, a 15-year-old, came from a two-parent home, according to her mother, Tiffany Smith. They had everything they needed to raise a child, and she was his homeschooling teacher. Jackson’s family held a news conference Thursday and claimed that Cameron is not who the police have portrayed him to be. His coach and family said that he was a good young man who aspired to compete in the Olympic Games.

Tiffany Smith, his mother, said that he has been boxing since he was nine years old. “Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be burying my son,” Smith said. Cameron boxed six days a week because he was so dedicated to the sport, according to Smith. “In my situation, we had all the resources, but the only thing we couldn’t deal with is the community, the environment, the city,” Smith said. Cameron Jackson is the second child to die in the Atlantic shooting that occurred last weekend. Jackson, a 15-year-old from Atlanta, suffered serious injuries and died as a result. Police said the shooting is gang-related and that Jackson was the target. Jackson’s mother rejected the police statement, saying her son was not involved in any gangs, saying “what happened to her son could happen to any child.


Cameron Jackson was 15 years old.

Cameron Jackson’s Cause of Death

The shooting in Atlanta took place on Saturday night and the police are still investigating this case. Cameron Jackson, 15, was one of six teens killed on the 17th Street Bridge after an altercation near Atlantic Station. Jackson was in the hospital for several days before passing away Wednesday as a result of his injuries. Jackson was the second victim after Zyion Charles. Zion, age 12, passed away that night.

Although surveillance footage appears to show a group of teenagers involved in the altercation walking in downtown Atlanta displaying gang symbols at a MARTA station after the shooting, police said they are still investigating whether the shooting was gang-related. Police stated that two of the gang members are the suspected shooters.

Police released CCTV footage of the group of youths they believe were responsible for the shooting on Wednesday. Police later released a video of the suspects at the Arts Center MARTA station. Atlanta police are seeking the public’s help in identifying two of them, whom they suspect are the shooters.

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Two suspects can be seen in the video, one in a blue hood and the other in a yellow and black hood. Atlanta Police Department is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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