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Calvin Wijeweera Wiki – Calvin Wijeweera Bio

Calvin Wijeweera went out with his friends and died in a horrific car accident. Wijeweera’s sister questions why a 90-year-old woman was allowed to drive. His Biography, Car accident, and how did he die in that accident? read more details.

Wijeweera, 17, died at 11:20 a.m. Thursday, when he was struck by a car that mounted a gutter while he was out with friends, on the way to Carlingford Court Shopping Center. His older sister, Ovindi, who was abroad when she heard the news, has been in shock and grief ever since.
According to the Daily Mail, Ovindi called Westmead Hospital for an update on her brother’s condition when she found out, but was told there was no patient by her brother’s name there. While she was confused, she called her father, who finally confirmed the news. “Nobody wants me to tell them this, but he passed away.

Recalling her thoughts on the day the news reached her, she said: “On the flight back to Sydney, I kept thinking that I would realize that I am only dreaming and that this is not really happening. She also talked about how she and her brother were “very close” and that she doesn’t “have any other siblings except him.” She then adds: “I will miss him a lot because I won’t be able to share anything with him anymore.


Calvin Wijeweera was 17 years old.

Wijeweera’s sister questions why a 90-year-old woman was allowed to drive

While the elderly woman has not been charged, questions have been raised as to why a woman her age was allowed to drive. Ovindi said: “It’s not hateful sentiments,” later adding: “It’s just, how can a 90-year-old woman be allowed to drive?

Wijeweera and his family moved to Australia in 2008 when both brothers were only children. “There were the four of us here. Every time he turned a corner, I would see him sitting at the dining room table because he was studying at the table,” she said. “I saw him in the kitchen having something to eat. “He was with two other friends when the accident happened, they both survived but are still in serious shock from the loss of a friend.

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On the terrible accident, Superintendent Robert Toynton said that “it is a tragic incident” and then assured that there will be steps to find out what went wrong. “Obviously the accident investigation unit will put together and piece together what happened.

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