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Briana Lacost Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Accused of Stabbing Boyfriend

Briana Lacost Wiki – Briana Lacost Bio

Briana Lacost woman in Baton Rouge is facing charges, accused of stabbing her boyfriend after he urinated on her bed.

Deputies from East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have charged a woman with attempted murder after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend after he urinated on her bed, according to reports. Fox station KTTV in Los Angeles reported that East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to reports of a stabbing victim at a local hospital on Saturday. The victim was being treated for a stab wound to the left side of her torso and a punctured lung. She told police that her girlfriend, Briana Lacost, 25, became “extremely furious” after she urinated in the bed they shared for the past year and a half.

Briana Lacost Age

Briana is 25 years old.

Briana Lacost stabs boyfriend with knife for urinating in their bed, Louisiana police say

The report also noted that Briana and the victim had been drinking that night and were intoxicated. After urinating on the bed, she told the victim to police, Lacost woke her up and began to beat him. As he was trying to get away from her, Lacost allegedly ran up to him with a kitchen knife and stabbed him. Investigators spoke with Lacost, who told officers that she and her boyfriend planned to separate. She admitted to officers that she was upset that her boyfriend urinated on him and “ripped” him out of bed. The altercation between the two continued. Lacost also told officers that her boyfriend began to choke her during the fight and she fought back by stabbing him under her left arm. She tried to administer medical assistance, but then took her boyfriend to the hospital. Deputies charged Lacost with attempted second-degree murder.

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