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Brian Davies Wiki – Bio

The man who died after a suspected gas explosion in Swansea has been identified as 68-year-old Brian Davies, police have confirmed.

Brian Davies, 68, died yesterday morning after a large explosion destroyed two houses in the Morriston area. Formal identification took place this afternoon. Davies, who has been described as pleasant and talkative, was trapped in a house when the explosion rocked the street, locals allege. The explosion, which left at least three others injured, has forced ‘traumatized’ residents to evacuate their homes. Locals have been barred from returning to their residences while work continues to ‘make the gas main safe’.

The explosion on Clydach Road occurred at around 11:20 a.m. yesterday, South Wales Police said. An investigation is underway to establish the cause of the devastation. Detective Inspector Carl Price today confirmed the death of Mr. Davies and sent his condolences to his loved ones. Our thoughts are with Brian’s family and friends at what is a very difficult time for them, and with those who were injured in the explosion,” Det Price said. Our investigations are ongoing to establish the cause of the incident, and these investigations are being carried out in partnership with the relevant agencies, including the Health and Safety Executive.

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Brian Davies Age

Brian Davies was 68 years old.

Brian Davies Tributes

“The patience and understanding of the local residents on Clydach Road and the wider community in Morriston are greatly appreciated as this work continues.” It is understood that Mr. Davies’ family is being supported by specially trained officers. Sioned Williams, member of the Senedd for the West Region of South Wales, said Mr. Davies, who moved to the friendly street more than two years ago, has been described locally as “much loved” and “such a friendly person “. He apparently used to sit outside on the step and talk to people on the street. A lot of people knew and liked him and are very, very worried about him. Andy Williams, who has lived on the street for 25 years, said: “He’s only lived here for a couple of years, but he knew it well.” He’s a nice guy, a lovely guy, he’s always outside chatting.

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Injured in the Swansea explosion

A woman, her son, and a postal worker were also injured in the blast and were taken to Morriston Hospital. Neighbors said they helped rescue 14-year-old Ethan Bennett and his mother Claire from him. The couple was treated at a hospital for injuries and shock after a tragedy destroyed their home yesterday. After the alleged gas explosion, Claire was found injured in the house looking for her cat and dog. The dog was discovered, but the cat is believed to have died. A neighbor said: “When we got to her, she was hysterical and worried about her cat and her dog, but we managed to find the puppy in the crate and get him out of the crate too.”Ethan came out crying in a gray sweatshirt. The boy’s father said his family is lucky to be alive.

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Anthony Bennett told BBC

Anthony Bennett told BBC Wales: ‘Ethan just remembers the explosion and he was thrown through the roof. The next thing he knows, he appears to be outside. I’m not sure if he lost consciousness or not. Part of the roof was below him and part of the roof was above him. The guy who lives a couple of houses down ran over to check on Claire, then dragged Ethan outside. Bennett said the mother was still in the hospital with six broken ribs and a “cut wound” to her head, but Ethan had already been released. He [Ethan] is very shaken up and mentally struggling to cope, but he’s alive,” he added. The postal worker is understood to have sustained minor burns and facial injuries while he was sitting in his pickup truck parked in front of the scene. He believes that he is still in the hospital.

Pam Evans, a resident of the street, said: ‘The police are still here and the street is still cordoned off. They still tell us that it’s not safe here yet, so that’s very concerning.” Ms. Evans said there was “continuing trauma” for residents who were still unable to access their properties for clothing, medicine, and, in one case, her elderly dog. She said many also remain very concerned about the extent of the damage to their homes. People are in great distress and we also have vulnerable members of the community here, so it’s a difficult situation,” she added.

Gas explosion in Swansea

The force of the explosion shook houses several miles from the scene and was felt across the Swansea Valley. Neighbors said at least 20 houses were damaged in the blast that left the terraced street like “a war zone” with debris strewn across the street. Fire crews, ambulances and police were quickly called in to deal with the blast and a major incident was soon declared. Around 21 households were in temporary accommodation last night after being evacuated to the nearby Morriston Memorial Hall community center and helped by the British Red Cross.

“Businesses in the local community were feeding people when they were at the welfare center and everyone really came together,” explained Andrea Lewis, deputy director of Swansea Council. They have been incredible considering this terrible incident that they have been through. They kept their cool and carried on and they have been amazing.

Collecting donations

Morriston Town Football Club has been collecting donations for those affected by the blast. Carolyn Harris, Labor MP for Swansea East, vowed to help those affected “get their lives back”. She added: ‘I have been able to assure you that my team and I will do everything we can to ensure that we speak to the insurance companies should any issues arise. People are still shocked and literally bewildered by what is happening to them, but they are resilient.” Ms. Lewis said the Mid and West Fire Service is working to isolate the main gas lines. Once those properties are deemed safe, we will do everything we can to get people home,” she added.

Investigation continues Swansea gas explosion

“However, we appreciate that some of those properties are badly damaged, so some people could be in temporary housing for quite some time until those properties are safe for them to return to.” Wales and West Utilities, which maintain the gas network, said they remain on site to ensure the area is safe and are “carrying out extensive checks in the local area to rule out any damage to our network as a result of the explosion.” Operations director Rob Long said: “As a gas emergency service it is our role to make sure the area is safe and to support the investigation.”

‘The cause of the explosion is not yet known and we remain on the scene to support the emergency services. “Due to the extensive nature of the explosion, we are also conducting extensive checks in the local area to rule out any damage to our network as a result of the explosion. These investigations are rigorous and ongoing.

Long continued: “We understand there will be speculation as safety concerns grow after an incident like this, however we are working hard to wrap up our checks so many residents can return to their homes as soon as possible.” We would like to reassure the local community that all safety precautions are being taken. As part of this, we are being joined by other utility companies in shutting off gas and power to the immediate surrounding properties; however, there will be no impact on gas supplies in the wider area. Our thoughts remain with the family of those affected and with the Morriston community.”

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