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Brandy Horner was killed Friday night at the Union County West End Fair in Laurelton after an “equipment malfunction” caused the escape wheel to come loose and shoot into the stands, striking the man in 33 years old, according to the Pennsylvania State Police.Off-duty medical workers and first responders on the scene tried to help her before she was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead.“It was a freak accident,” fair president Dennis Boop told PennLive.com.Although the fair’s activities continued, the rest of the events at the traction track were canceled “due to unforeseen circumstances,” the fair’s organizers wrote on their Facebook page.No foul play or criminality was suspected, police said.Horner is survived by Travis, her husband of 10 years, and two children, according to her obituary.

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Brandy Horner Age

Brandy Horner was 33 years old.


Her world of hers revolved around family, but especially ‘her 3 kids’ from her, Troy, Blake and Travis,” the obituary reads. “She also enjoyed baking, gardening and camping with her family. Brandy will be sadly missed by so many.”Leah Spangler, president of The Learning Lamp, where Horner worked for many years, called her death a “great loss.”“Brandy’s heart was really in her work because she loved working with children and she saw the value of the preschool program,” Spangler told the Tribune-Democrat.Jen Percinsky, director of one of Horner’s son’s preschool programs, told WJAC that other teachers she knows were devastated.“I know a lot of the teachers that worked with her,” she said. “Facebook is blowing up because they’re devastated, she practically raised her kids and did a great job with them.”Tractor pulling is considered the “world’s heaviest motor sport,” in which modified tractors or trucks pull a metal sled along a track, according to the National Tractor Pullers Association.The tractor that pulls its sled the farthest is the declared winner.

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