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Brandon Sanders, 33, was arrested on June 29 in connection with the gruesome May 12 murder of HVAC contractor Rasim Katanic, 69, in the West Ridge neighborhood, Chicago police records show.

When police searched the suspect’s apartment, they also discovered the body of 18-year-old Iman Al-Sarraj in his refrigerator, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. He has not been charged with al-Sarraj’s death. “I hope it’s just these two bodies,” said Katanic’s daughter, Aida Sutardio. “It has been a devastating loss that we are still trying to process as a family.” Katanic was working on a compressor chiller on the rooftop of Tahoora Sweets & Bakery on Devon Avenue when Sanders climbed onto the roof and stabbed him to death with his own screwdriver, Sutardio told WLS. My dad was murdered.” “Who does he think he is? You know he didn’t just take one life? He has impacted so many people from that life,” she added of the suspect.

Police are looking into Sanders’ possible connection to the missing persons cases, sources told the outlet. The day after Katanic’s death, Sanders allegedly robbed an apartment occupied by two Loyola University Chicago graduates, the Sun-Times reported. Sander is believed to have opened the skylight with Katanic’s screwdriver before shaving in the bathroom and donning stolen clothing, the outlet said, citing court documents. The culprit’s DNA was also found on the stove, while the screwdriver was placed in a mailbox in front of the building. Sanders left the apartment around 6 p.m., surveillance footage indicates. He then walked to a furniture store he used to work at on West Devon Avenue, according to the Sun-Times.

Sanders’ nephew noticed that he was acting strangely and asked the store owner for help. When the landlord arrived, Sanders allegedly said that he did not need to pay rent “because the landlord was on the roof and he took care of it,” the outlet continued. Sanders eventually ended up in Evanston, where he asked a police officer to take him to the hospital. He was finally arrested late last month and charged with first degree murder, forcible murder, armed robbery and robbery. he appeared in court, the police found the beaten remains of al-Sarraj in his refrigerator. “My heart is shattered into a million pieces. I will never ever have a normal life, especially after seeing my daughter’s face and what the monster did to her,” the teen’s father, Khalil Sarraj, told the Sun-Times. He hadn’t heard from his daughter since last August when he turned down an invitation to see his uncle, who was visiting from Israel. “She lost so many years, but she was doing well,” Sarraj said of the teenager’s turbulent upbringing, which included her mother, originally from Yugoslavia, pulling her out of school around the third or fourth grade.

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Brandon Sanders Age

Brandon Sanders is 33 years old.

Chicago man arrested for stabbing HVAC worker

Al-Sarraj ran away last year, about a year after Sarraj and his wife enrolled her as a freshman at Schurz High School, where she joined the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, she said. The Chicago Police Department could not immediately be reached for comment. about the case. Investigating the deaths of Katanic and Al-Sarraj, authorities learned of their arrest on August 14, 2019, at a Motel 6 in Great Falls, Montana, the Sun-Times said, citing court records. Sanders was charged with human trafficking and aggravated promotion of prostitution after he was seen in the motel parking lot while his wife “entertained several male guests” inside, the outlet continued. Germany to attend university. She alleged that he encouraged her to become a sex worker, which he made of her because she was “very naive” and he used “extreme violence” against her. She also claimed that Sanders introduced her to cocaine, which she used. however, Sanders’ trial was delayed by COVID-19, as his wife refused to return to the US due to the risk of infection.

The charges were eventually dropped when the judge refused to allow her to testify virtually, the Sun-Times said. “In addition to the pandemic being a major reason for this, I also don’t feel emotionally prepared to face all of these things in court. ”, declared the woman in an email to a prosecutor. “I don’t want to see Brandon either.” Prosecutor Jochua Racki told the Sun-Times that Sanders initially faced 25 years in prison, though he likely would have received a lighter sentence of around 10 years. “I wish we could have gotten it. But with the judge making that decision, that’s where we were,” Racki admitted. In addition to the charges in Montana, Chicago police records show that Sanders already had multiple charges of violent crimes in and around the city. In 2016, he pleaded guilty to hiding in the back of her ex-girlfriend’s car and choking her from behind after sending her threatening messages, the Sun-Times said. On January 1 of this year, he was kicked out of the Electric Hotel Night Club on W Ontario Street. because he was “angry”.

He was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery after he pushed the manager and threatened to pull a gun from his car. “I was very afraid of this guy. I was as angry as anyone could be,” the manager said at the time. However, the charges were dropped later that month. In the hours before Katanic’s death, Sanders drew attention at the Hanmi Bank on N Western Avenue, where he went on a rampage while trying to open an account. He called the FBI’s National Threat Operations Center and reported “a plot to overthrow the government,” prompting an employee to call police, the outlet reported. By the time police arrived on the scene, Sanders was gone. Sutardio believes that the system failed his father and Al-Sarraj. “I feel like every step of the way through the system, [Sanders’] crimes got bigger until he ends up with two people dead,” he told the Sun Times. “And I think that just reflects how inconsistent our system is and how many holes there are.” As of Friday morning, Sanders is being held without bond. In his initial court appearance, his defense attorney said that “there are some issues with [his] status.”

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