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Bradley Gillespie, 50, had been imprisoned for murder since 2016 before he and James Lee, 47, escaped last Tuesday from the Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution in Lima, Ohio. Lee, who was sentenced to jail in 2021 for burglary and safecracking, was apprehended in Kentucky on Wednesday after a police pursuit of a stolen automobile in which both men were alleged to be. The truck eventually wrecked, and both inmates fled on foot. Lee was apprehended on the spot, while Gillespie escaped.

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Bradley Gillespie was 50 years old.

Bradley Gillespie found dead in the Ohio River | REPORT

Henderson police reported the discovery of Gillespie’s body in the Ohio River during a press conference on Sunday afternoon. According to Henderson Police Chief Sean McKinney, a boater on the Ohio River called to report seeing what he thought was a body in the water. When police arrived, they determined it was a body, and it was discovered near Gillespie’s last known location.

McKinney said he thought the five-day quest for Gillespie was over. “A preliminary investigation indicates that we recovered the body of Bradley Gillespie from the river,” he stated. The chief stated that the body would be autopsied on Tuesday. It was unclear how long Gillespie had been in the water or if he had died. McKinney went on to say that the degree of decay on the body indicated he had been dead for around four days.

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