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Bobby Maher the victim – The Wyoming 14-year-old who was killed protecting his girlfriend from a pair of ski mask-clad teens was held down by one of his attackers while the second assailant hacked him to death, prosecutors revealed.

Dominique Antonio Richard Harris, 15, could face life in prison after pleading not guilty to conspiracy to commit murder charges on Wednesday for his alleged role in the murder of Bobby Maher in April at the Eastridge Mall, in Casper, the Cowboy State Daily reports. Harris, who is being tried as an adult, admitted to police that he held down Harris to help his alleged co-conspirator, Jarreth Plunkett, 15, stab him, according to court records. Harris claimed he was only holding down Maher “to make sure the fight was over,” but footage from the April 7 attack showed him slamming Maher to the ground and holding him in place as Plunkett stabbed the 14-year-old twice.

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Boy, 14, was held and hacked to death at Wyoming mall trying to protect girlfriend

Officials said Maher had rushed to the mall to help his girlfriend after she called him about Harris and Plunket allegedly stalking her and a friend. Harris and Plunkett, who are also accused of stealing knives from a Target prior to the fight, allegedly confronted Maher because they were mad about an incident that happened over spring break at a park in Evansville, according to court records. Harris claimed that Maher asked the 15-year-olds if they were both “freaks” because he saw them exit a portable bathroom together. Surveillance footage from the mall showed that Maher tried to usher his girlfriend and her friend out of the shopping center before Plunkett confronted him. Harris is charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, aggravated battery and assault, and misdemeanor theft.

Despite pleading not guilty, defense attorney Brandon Booth said, his client reserved the right to change pleas by reason of mental illness or deficiency. During the court hearing, Harris told District Judge Kerri Johnson that he is not aware of ever being diagnosed with any learning disability. Last week, Plunkett pleaded both not guilty and not guilty by reason of mental illness or deficiency, with the judge ordering him to undergo a mental exam, according to the Cowboy State Daily.

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