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Biden’s ‘Tammany’ Wiki, Bio, Crime, Biden machine revs up

Biden’s ‘Tammany’ Wiki – Biden’s ‘Tammany’ Bio

You don’t have to agree with the Democrats in Washington to recognize that they are teaching a class on how to use power to reward your friends and punish your enemies. From canceling student debt to freeing federal prisoners for marijuana, curtailing oil and gas exploration, and jailing his nemesis Steve Bannon, they end their two-year run with a bang.

His conclusion came last week when the Partisan Jan. 6 Committee issued a subpoena to former President Donald Trump. The timing was flawless.

After Nancy Pelosis managed to extend the panel’s work to nearly two years, they conveniently dropped Trump’s subpoena just before the midterm elections. Given the likelihood that the subpoena will not be decided before the current Congress closes in December, the main goal is to keep Trump’s name in the headlines, because nothing feeds leftist voters and unites haters like him. Now it’s practically a requirement to be a party member.

If the polls are correct, the GOP will take over the House and perhaps the Senate, leaving little chance that Trump will be forced to testify. Still, Republicans should learn from Democrats’ ruthless use of power to advance their agenda, not waste it on their usual infighting.

GOP House Must act

Of course, the overall job of the new Congress will be to try to correct the government’s ruinous energy, fiscal, and economic policies, but the Big Guy will face a major test. Will Republican lawmakers follow through on their promises to investigate Joe Biden’s connection to his son’s lucrative influence schemes around the world?

It is about much more than just becoming fair game. Thanks in large part to the Post’s coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop and public statements by Hunter’s former associate Tony Bobulinski, there is a great deal of compelling evidence showing that Joe Biden, as vice president, was involved in and benefited from. of the schemes originated by Hunter for Joe’s brother. Jim Biden

This evidence alone refutes Joe’s repeated claims that he never discussed Hunter’s business with him. It is such a stupid and blatant lie that the only possible explanation is that an honest answer would be the first step in cracking a huge scam that lasted for many years.

To name just one weakness, consider that many of the millions of foreign dollars received by the Biden family came from China, raising the distinct possibility that the President may have been compromised by our key adversary. As I mentioned earlier, China’s communist leadership knows far more about Joe Biden’s role in Hunter’s business than the American people.

There is already more evidence of Joe Biden’s wrongdoing than when a special prosecutor was appointed to investigate Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia.

Biden’s evidence creates an overwhelming conflict of interest for the Justice Department and thus calls for a special prosecutor, but that won’t happen because it would require the attorney general to appoint one.

Biden waves as he disembarks Marine One upon her arrival at Gordons Pond in Delaware on Oct. 21. MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Merrick Garland is a partisan hacker but not a fool, and he won’t let anyone else decide the fate of the president who appointed him, a process that would also expose Garland’s negligence. So congressional investigations are the only option left for now.

Even then, Garland may do whatever it takes to hinder the search for the truth. One possible avenue is to wrap up the Hunter case and seal crucial evidence, perhaps with a civil plea or misdemeanor plea, before the new Congress begins in January. FBI whistleblowers have warned congressional Republicans about these findings and complained that top judicial officials are giving Hunter special treatment in the investigation, which is now more than 4 years old.

The two steps of Joe & Jill

Another reminder that Hunter got away with a slap on the wrist came courtesy of the president and first lady. In separate interviews, Joe and Jill Biden made it public that their son was completely innocent, an unprecedented orchestrated move that cannot be dismissed as insignificant.

The Bidens were certainly as driven by self-interest as they were by parental love. They know the veil on their lucrative Tammany Hall-like schemes could be lifted with the thorough investigation promised by Republicans.

The main result would be that the self-created image of Joe Biden as an honest friend of the working class would be destroyed to reveal him as the modern day equivalent of George Washington Plunkitt. He is the legendary Tammany boss who bragged about his transplant and declared, “I saw my options and I took them.”


Jill Biden defended her son-in-law during an interview with NBC News.NBC News

To avoid exposure, the Bidens’ sudden public defense of Hunter sounds like a double message to Garland to close the case before the end of the year, while also being able to say they never discussed it with him.

We’ve been down this road before when the White House claimed that Biden never pressured Garland to impeach Trump. He didn’t have to because he made sure Garland got the message by having the New York Times staff say that’s what Biden wanted.

The President’s wish was Garland’s command. Trump was soon under investigation on two fronts, with the FBI searching his Mar-a-Lago home for government documents.

Only a fool would think it was a coincidence. And only a fool would believe that Joe Biden had no part in his son’s business.

A “late era” crime fighter

Lee Zeldin, running against Governor Kathy Hochul, is campaigning in New York City on October 17.

Any skepticism about polls showing Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin closing in on Gov. Hochul ended with Hochul’s sudden new announcement that she advocates for public safety.

Zeldin has made rising violent crime his defining issue, successfully blaming Hochul and other Albany Democrats. That she felt the need to back off so late in the race means her own polling shows Zeldin strikes a chord with voters of all persuasions, including Democrats.

Unfortunately, much like Hochul’s look, the ad is mostly fluff. Her promise that “you deserve to feel safe and, as your governor, I won’t stop working until you do” would be persuasive if there was evidence to back it up.

But she doesn’t promise to do anything different, she just cites secondary things that she has already done. These measures had little or no impact on the crime wave that has swept across the state, so the announcement serves to reinforce Zeldin’s criticism that he is failing voters in her primary concern.

For example, Hochul rejects reasonable requests from Mayor Adams to give judges more discretion in deciding whether to release suspects. She also fights her goal that 16-year-olds charged with gun offenses be treated as adults in criminal court instead of family court.

If Hochul is serious about security, she’ll work with Adams, not against him.

The ugly truth for Democrats in Florida

From Fox News: “Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate’s top aide, Charlie Crist, has resigned citing a ‘family matter.’ In fact, he was arrested and charged with domestic violence.”

Speaking of giving Spin a bad name!

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