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Benjamin Trakeniski, known as Benji to his friends, is believed to have been killed by armed Hamas terrorists after trying to save innocent lives in Kibbutz Be’eri, one of the communities hardest hit by the attack.

The 32-year-old lived in Tel Aviv and was engaged to Israeli tattoo artist Rotem, and the couple were due to marry in April next year. Instead, the hero was buried in Israel on Thursday, and his future wife read her wedding vows at her funeral. A friend of Benji’s in Israel who attended the funeral said: ‘Benji was the most positive, pure and kind-hearted person. His main goal was to help others and in this heroic way he also died saving many lives in Be’eri. ‘Benji and his fiancee Rotem were supposed to get married in April. At the funeral he read the oath that he had to read at the wedding, as a panegyric. They added: ‘People were sobbing. Hearing a father say Kaddish for his son is the worst and most heartbreaking thing in the world. Rotem’s speech was very moving. He read it crying and we all cried with her,” Jewish News reported. It is understood that Israel’s former National Security Minister Avigdor Kahalani, who served in the Brigade 7 Armed Unit, the same unit as Benji, also spoke at the funeral, praising his “values”.

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Benjamin Trakeniski was 32 years old.


Meanwhile, a former professor of Benji’s at Reichman University, Tommy Steiner, posted on social media: “I just learned that Hamas killed a former student, Major Benji Trakeniski, while defending civilians.” ‘We never met in person, he attended my seminar during COVID, but we had long phone and zoom sessions. ‘I will remember his smile, curiosity and humor. May his memory be a blessing. RIP, Benji.’ Messages of support have also reportedly been sent to his mother Liz, a former student at JFS London, the largest Jewish school in Europe. Chilling video emerged of the moment Hamas terrorists ran into homes in the Be’eri kibbutz and unleashed a hail of bullets on the terrified families living there. Moving quickly, the black-clad gunmen, wielding assault rifles and hand grenades, went from door to door of the small kibbutz looking for Israeli families to slaughter indiscriminately. What had been a peaceful morning, where many of the 1,000 families living in this kibbutz would have been sleeping or enjoying breakfast, turned into a nightmare. In the video, the gunmen can be heard shouting orders at each other as they run from house to house, while the sickening sound of gunshots fills the morning air.

Four gunmen can be seen approaching a family home before shooting out the windows. One of the terrorists can be seen kicking down the door while a round of five gunshots can be heard in the background in rapid succession. The video cuts off before the terrorists manage to break down the door, but it was in this kibbutz that they mercilessly gunned down screaming families as they begged for their lives. Israeli soldiers would later find the bodies of 108 Israeli civilians riddled with bullets in their homes. Israeli Major General Itai Veruv told how Hamas terrorists had thrown a hand grenade where 15 girls and teenagers were desperately trying to hide from them. They were all found dead in that one room. Be’eri, a settlement of just over 1,000 people, is one of more than 20 towns and villages ambushed early Saturday by Hamas terrorists. Before the attack, Be’eri (founded by Zionist settlers two years before the country was founded) was known for its industriousness, including a large printing plant that produces Israeli driver’s licenses. It has now become a horrible symbol of the war with Hamas, which authorities say has so far left about 1,200 dead in Israel and about 1,100 in Gaza.

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