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Benjamin Ferencz, the only living prosecutor from the Nuremberg trials, died at the age of 103. Before going to the courts, Ferencz participated in combat in Europe during the Second World War and assisted in the liberation of various concentration camps. He was appointed chief prosecutor for Nuremberg’s Einsatzgruppen trial, where 22 Nazis were charged with crimes against humanity, at the age of 27. After Germany was conquered in 1945, the Allies held the Nuremberg trials to prosecute Nazis for crimes committed during World War II. Although the Einsatzgruppen trial was his first legal proceeding, Ferencz was able to conclude the case in just two days thanks to evidence he found perfectly preserved and documented in the Nazi headquarters.

Benjamin Ferencz Age

Benjamin Ferencz was 103 years old.

The last surviving Nuremberg prosecutor dies

The defendants were in charge of Hitler’s roving SS extermination squads, which killed an estimated one million people between them. He declared in his introductory remarks, “Vengeance is not our purpose. Furthermore, we don’t just aim to exact justice. Regardless of a person’s race or religious beliefs, we want this court to uphold the freedom of man to live in peace and dignity through international criminal law. The argument we make is an appeal to humanity. On charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity, all of the defendants were found guilty. It is frequently regarded as one of the largest murder cases in history. “So, here, the killing of defenseless civilians during a war may be a war crime, but the same killings are part of another crime, a graver one, if you will, genocide, or a crime against humanity,” Ferencz said in his opening statement, becoming the first prosecutor to use the term “genocide” in a court of law.

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A longtime supporter of the creation of the International Criminal Court

This distinction is what our pleading emphasizes. It is meaningful and real. “Law, not war” was more than just Ferencz’s mantra; it was his life’s work. He was a longtime supporter of the creation of the International Criminal Court and is regarded as one of its founders. “What makes this Court so distinctive is its primary goal to deter crimes before they take place by letting wrongdoers know in advance that they will be held accountable by an impartial International Criminal Court,” he said in his closing remarks for the prosecution at the ICC’s first trial in 2011.

Ferencz received the US Congressional Gold Medal in January, but he was unable to attend the event because of his deteriorating health. In a 2016 interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Ferencz expressed his “heartbreak” about the conflict in Ukraine. He stated, “It kills me to see that we have learned so little from the Holocaust and the trials. To see it occurring again, is extremely similar, with kids being shot and homes being blown up. “To let the world continue to use [war] as an instrument of persuasion is so stupid and so incredible, that I simply can’t stop doing it at the age of 103,” said Ferencz, who spent his whole life fighting for justice. He said, “I’m not discouraged,” and urged the audience to never give up. He pleaded for assistance in building a more humane world towards the conclusion of the interview.

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