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Benjamin Coman, 31, was jailed for 25 years on Friday by Victoria Supreme Court Justice Andrew Tinney, who described the violent murder of Michelle Darragh at her family home on October 9, 2021, as unforgivable. In a courtroom packed with relatives, Darragh’s mother, Dianne, broke down in tears as the sentence was announced. Her daughter loved her family, she adored her children, and she did well for the community by caring for other people’s children. Now they are raising hers hers hers. I miss her so much,” she said, supported outside of court by her husband Ashley, and her children Samantha, James, and Aaron. Darragh was 12 weeks pregnant with her third child when she was murdered. She had ended her relationship with Coman and had gone looking for clothes while her parents took care of her children. When she did not return, the family began to worry. Her father went to see her and discovered her body.
That experience marked his soul, he said.

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Benjamin Coman is 31 years old.

Benjamin Coman jailed for 25 years for the murder of Michelle Darragh

Coman had stabbed Darragh three times with a carving knife as he bit back her screams. She was completely unsuspecting and innocent, and especially vulnerable because she was pregnant, Judge Tinney said. Coman, 31, had experienced a decline in her mental health in the run-up to Darragh’s murder. Psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Carroll said Coman had developed psychotic depression, including paranoia, voices, hallucinations, and delusions, after years of drug use. He had delusional beliefs that Darragh was unfaithful to him and that her children were not his. But Judge Tinney said Coman was jealous and controlling for years, even before his psychosis.

The court heard that the couple had separated twice previously over issues including Coman’s drug use, his admission to going to brothels, and reckless spending of joint savings, including $82,000 on a car. All of Coman’s perception of Darragh was poisoned by her psychosis, according to Carroll, who said Coman was experiencing despair and resentment. He had a latent anger that turned into a sharp rage, he said. Coman admitted to police that he had argued with Darragh, but claimed that he only stabbed her once and that she had not noticed her at the time. But Judge Tinney said it was inconceivable that Coman did not know what he had done to Darragh. Coman’s father, a clinical psychologist, provided an extensive reference about him during a pre-sentence hearing, the judge said. Darragh said Coman showed no remorse for his actions and described the sentence as fair. He apologized when one of the supporters yelled “suffer, dog” as Tinney announced the sentence. Another said “thank you” as the judge left the court. The family wore orange ribbons to the hearing, in memory of Darragh. She was obsessed with orange, it was her favorite color,” Darragh said outside the courtroom, drawing laughter from those who knew her best. Coman was ordered to serve at least 20 years before being eligible for parole.

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